Song of the Day: Rancorous, “Stealth Dominion,” from Stealth Dominion (Self-Released, 2019)

Woke up to an email containing the news that northeast trio Rancorous had dropped the title track from their sophomore four-song demo, due out in full about a month from now. If you missed Rancorous when I wrote about 'em last year, the group features guitarist/vocalist John Heidenreich from Annihilust and dishes out mercilessly ripping death/thrash with a frenzied hardcore/punk energy beneath the surface. Imagine, perhaps, if Angelcorpse leaned more Infest than Morbid Angel.

This track is barely over two minutes and the entire demo's less than 10, so... what more can I say, really? If the idea of circle pitting with spiked armbands in an area surrounded by flaming trash cans appeals to you—which, at least conceptually, it should—here's your soundtrack!