Review: Pulse Emitter “Collisions” 3” CD

Included herein is one massively long 20+ minute track of sizzling little electronic textures over pulsing synths that kind of slowly bend upwards on occasion. It's actually a very consistent piece that, while not totally my thing, definitely has some awesome moments that really hit on the kinds of atmospheres that I enjoy. It's really that "bending" sort of motion to the core tone that gets on my nerves for whatever reason, as to my ears it disturbs the otherwise interesting chatter that's going on between all sorts of sparse, subtle electronic noise textures - which are really laying the foundation for the feeling emanated by the track. So midway through the track when some feedback creeps in and that "bending" motion subsides, the remainder of the piece is far more powerful and intriguing to me in its use of various hums and whirrs to create a dense landscape of carefully placed movements and layers that still manage to sound fairly stripped down and simplistic in overall tone and texture. The CD-R, which is limited to 110 copies, comes in a small jewel case with a great looking insert printed in what appears to be black and red ink on metallic silver paper. There's very little text, just some abstracted images that sort of have the look of mangled metal and debris or something, so it definitely looks cool. I believe this is the first solo release I've heard from Pulse Emitter, and while, as stated, it's not entirely my kind of thing, I do enjoy the bulk of it, and that last half of the track is a pretty damn solid slab of relatively dark ambient noise that does indeed do the trick for me. I'd have to hear more to get a real feel for what the project has to offer, but there are definitely aspects of this composition that are promising. Not bad, and the name Pulse Emitter damn sure fits!

Running time - 20:41, Tracks: 1
[Notable tracks: there's only one]
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