Pulling Teeth “Funerary” CD/LP/2xLP

Pulling Teeth - FuneraryThe latest from Pulling Teeth—released by A389 Recordings (vinyl) and Firestarter Records (CD)—sees the group continuing to tread an increasingly unpredictable path. "Funerary" unloads nearly 50 minutes across 12 tracks, and after a brief intro the band launches into some of their fastest and most intense material to date, as the following six tracks are all absolutely loaded with grinding, high-speed intensity; scorching solos; and bitter, snarling vocals (with a number of absolutely excellent guest vocal contributions throughout the album for good measure). All that tremolo picking and pure, thrashing mayhem is perfectly balanced out by just the right amount of noisy, discordant texture and chunky riffing, too. But then the album changes pace, as the 10-minute title track signifies a turn towards much longer, more creatively adventurous compositions with its slow, churning rhythms and heavily-layered approach—including choral vocal samples, experimental noise textures, monotone singing, and sinister whispers... amongst numerous other tidbits. This angle makes up the bulk of the record, really—as the final 30+ minutes of material make even greater use of the vocal variety, strange effects, and unexpectedly pounding midpaced tempos (not to mention more melodic and deliberately composed lead work). Even the more straightforward elements of these tracks follow a much darker, more challenging path, and it's awesome that the band paid the attention to detail to arrange the album in such a way that about 15 minutes of glorious, explosive rage are following by such surprising diversity. It damn sure takes some time to fully digest, and I can tell I'm not fully there yet myself, because the songs are hitting me a little harder with every listen as I continue to discover and appreciate all of the subtle intricacies buried within. Fuckin' awesome.

Pulling Teeth "From Birth" (excerpt)
Pulling Teeth "Funerary" (excerpt)

Copies of the vinyl include a download code, and are available as either a single LP (second pressing) or a 2xLP (first pressing, leftover from the pre-order phase), so... there are a number of different ways to get your hands on this gem!

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  1. Why didn’t I preorder this? This ripps!

    7.8.2011 | By Carlos

  2. Possibly the best record of ‘11 so far… so sick.

    7.25.2011 | By Marcus

  3. This is an amazing lp. One of the best releases of 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love the artwork too. odes to Jeff Beckman once again

    8.14.2011 | By Khalil Boulos