Song of the Day: Pist•on, “Icicles,” from Cold World (2022)

I foolishly ignored Pist•on during the '90s because the visual aesthetic of their debut album's cover seemed goofy to me at the time, and I was stubborn enough back then to simply write stuff off under such circumstances. A few compilation/sampler tracks and recommendations from friends crossed my path over the years, though, and I ended up realizing that, shit, Pist•on is pretty damn good! In fact, I'd argue that they remain underrated today, and tend to find myself enthusiastically recommending them to fans of fellow Brooklynites Type O Negative. Their general styles are definitely in comparable spheres, Pist•on's just coming from a more stripped down/less dramatic direction (neither of which is a bad thing, in my book), so in that regard they also possess similarities to the hook-centric songwriting of mid-'90s Paradise Lost.

Such an overlooked unit is perhaps an unlikely candidate for a solid comeback with their first new recordings in 21 years, but I must say, they have indeed returned in fine form—complete with most of the lineup from 1999's $ell.out (and obscure 2001 EP, Saves). All three new tunes are extremely consistent with the band's past efforts, offering well-produced moody melodic metal dirges with a subtly rockin' edge in terms of the structures and the catchy choruses. Each song's a keeper and has its highlights, but "Icicles" is my personal favorite—with its doomy groove, darker melodies, and excellently gritty singing.

Cold World is digital-only at the moment, so hit up Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or purchase mp3s through Amazon. The band has also mentioned that news of a CD release should be forthcoming.

I'll be looking forward to hearing more, and if you dig this, I highly recommend Pist•on's past efforts, 'cause you've probably been unknowingly missing out for like 25 years now!