Song of the Day: Peroxide Blonde, “No Reason to Pretend” (Jetsam-Flotsam, 2021)

One of my favorite current bands, Peroxide Blonde, returned about two weeks ago, and it seems like a fresh beginning of sorts—their first new music in over a year; their debut release since hooking up with Illinois label Jetsam-Flotsam; and their lead appearance with guitarist Mateo de la Torre joining the core trio of siblings Johnny (vocals/guitar) and Abigail (bass) Poppke with Liam Boyle (drums). It's also their most inventive and tough-to-pin-down composition to date.

I mean, those opening chords are, like... jazz... kinda? But then that crazy, topsy-turvy riff starts wandering overhead and leads into more of a jangly/bendy swing—which also starts to carry over into the drumming with the hi-hat and snare work—and the "How do you classify this!?" factor fully takes hold. I still find myself sensing a general U.K. indie/alternative type of influence, but I can no longer directly compare Peroxide Blonde to anyone. Hell, it's getting to the point where it almost feels stupid to even try! In the past, there have tended to be moments where I could say things like, "oh, that chorus has some big Oasis chords," or "that riff is totally something Johnny Marr would do," but I'm not really picking up on those occasions anymore. It's a testament to how much the band is really growing into their own (already) unique sound.

Stream or download "No Reason to Pretend"—and more from Peroxide Blonde—through either Bandcamp or Spotify. I know the group is working on a new EP, so let's hope it hits the streets before the end of the year. I'm always curious to hear what's next...