For what I think is only the second or third time in a little over 12 years, I'm going to take a hiatus from the site. It's been a tough decision because this time it feels like it could end up being a permanent thing, but I need a break. On the one hand, I don't really want to quit, so I might surprise myself and miss it, but it's also felt like more of a chore lately, which has been frustrating. I'm well aware that as my quantity has drastically decreased over the years, the quality has diminished to some degree as well, so lately I've started to realize that this site is essentially "just another blog" now, and unfortunately I don't have the time or energy to make it "something special" again. I've always kind of assumed I would just keep going and going, but longevity alone isn't necessarily worth striving for. I just need to step away for a bit and see what happens.

That being said, I'm grateful to everyone who has ever submitted something for review (even if I didn't write about it), sent me an email (even if I didn't have time to respond), posted a comment, or just come back and read what I've had to babble about for so many years.

Thanks for reading...


  1. Whatever you do, thanks for everything.

    2.6.2012 | By Marcus Garvey

  2. WOW I am floored.  I know I don’t post that much but for someone who has been following you for years I can say I will certainly miss this place.  It was funny because just the other day I was thinking to myself you found a groove that you seemed to have lost for a while there.  I wish you luck in finding your peace, and selfishly, I hope to read you again in the future.

    Thanks for everything.

    2.6.2012 | By chris138

  3. been following your stuff for more than a decade. thanks for putting so much of your time and energy in the most non-bullshit, quality blog there is. who knows what lies ahead…

    2.6.2012 | By andy

  4. Respect dude.

    Whilst I selfishly hope that you will return to regular reviewing,  thank you for your dedication and for introducing me to many new bands that I would have otherwise passed by completely over the years.

    2.7.2012 | By Lal

  5. A sad day indeed,
    where can I get my fix of good music then?!?!
    Thanks for all the years…

    2.7.2012 | By headrot

  6. thought this would come sooner or later, was everytime glad when you picked it up again. thanks for the 12 years of honest music enthusiasm und inspiration!

    2.7.2012 | By deadguyy

  7. Thank you for the huge amount of bands I’ve discovered through aversionline and for the honest reviews of the records I’ve sent.

    2.7.2012 | By Samuli

  8. I’m truly sad to see aversionline go into hibernation. But, hopefully that’s just what it is, hibernation, and not the end to what I’ve always considered THE best blog around, no bullshit. Like many of the commenters here I’ve been following this site in its various incarnations through the years and discovered TONS of great bands through your writing, which has always been spot on and to the point. Hope you’ll prosper in whatever you move on to. Cheers, Andrew. /Jonas (MAIM/Mörkermännen etc)

    2.7.2012 | By JL

  9. Thanks for everything!
    I have read your site daily for several years.
    I appreciate what you’ve done here.
    I’ve discovered a lot of amazing stuff i’d probably never have heard of otherwise thanks to you.
    I know what it’s like feeling like you are running out of gas after participating in hardcore, punk, etc year after year.
    I’m glad you are honest with yourself and your followers and know when the time is right to take a break rather than keep going just because people expect you to or because it’s what you’ve “always done”.
    I still find everything you write genuine and heartfelt. And useful! If you come back in the future I will love being able to continue following the blog. If not, I wish you the best!

    2.7.2012 | By anonymous

  10. I’ve been following this site for a pretty long time (I sometimes even check back the archives, there’s lots to find there too), though I’m not much of a commenter, and I really appreciate your extremely comprehensive and direct style, not to mention you’ve shed light on a ton of great underground bands not many have noticed. So, a great big thank you for all you’ve done, wish you all the best and hope you’ll be back someday…

    2.7.2012 | By goatfather

  11. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

    Thanks to you I know tons of awesome music which I probably wouldn’t discover myself. As I read some other comments before I got the feeling that people don’t hope much that you will continue but I believe you will come back sooner or later as there is simply no one on this world with the same “mission” as you have.

    Not to mention that I would still love to see the Zorn review. I understand that you need some break since you listened and covered millions of bands, and thanks for everything, but please don’t think.

    According to Mayan prophecy 2012 will be the end of the world but I would rather see end of the world than the end of your site…

    2.7.2012 | By Carlos

  12. I have been going to shows and listening to music for almost 20 years now.
    I am still as excited as ever when good new releases come out.
    This site has directed me to good albums hundreds of times.
    This is the best site on the internet.
    It might as well be the internet as far as true music fans are concerned.
    You know your shit and you share your knowledge.
    For that I say: thank you.

    2.7.2012 | By Anonymous

  13. You will be sorely, sorely missed, Mr. Andrew Anti.5

    2.7.2012 | By John Hasson

  14. “I’ve started to realize that this site is essentially “just another blog” now, and unfortunately I don’t have the time or energy to make it “something special” again.”

    Excactly my thoughts man. Been feeling like that for a long time and even more now, cause i really don’t know what to write (sick of only doing reviews) when i can’t even post anything rare etc. up for download. Try to keep it going though, Aversionline is the best site still i keep on reading. Thanks for the support with KTL and all, hope you’ll get some rest and get back stronger.

    2.7.2012 | By MarkusxKTL

  15. I will miss the best music site. I hope you’ll be back someday, thank you for all good music.

    2.8.2012 | By Anonymous

  16. Thanks so much for all the hard work and effort you have put into this over the years.  I’ve been following this site since 2004/2005.  I’ve been exposed to so much good music through you.  I hope it’s not the end.

    2.8.2012 | By Anonymous

  17. I am grateful for what you’ve contributed.  It’s always been a genuine and extremely respectable effort, and I’m sorry that it will be gone for any length of time.  If you have to stop writing about music right now, you should still continue writing in some capacity.  Your shit’s just too good, and what you have to say should never be withheld, least of all by you.  The music world just became more gay.

    2.8.2012 | By stateofepicicity

  18. Thanks, Andrew, for this pioneering, honest music-loving manifesto.

    2.8.2012 | By Pascal Cretain

  19. I’m pissed.

    I’ve been following you for years, I don’t post much, but your shit rules….take a break, have a beerski, and come back in a few weeks and keep going.  Don’t quit. 

    underground hard music and aversionline go hand in hand you can’t have one without the other.

    For real…get your shit straight, we need you.

    2.8.2012 | By Joe

  20. Take a break if you want, kinda saw this coming (once again), but for the love of god this isn’t just another blog…I’ve been following you for what 10 years…that’s pre-9/11 to put it into perspective…I’ve seen your reviews quoted on relapse record CD hype stickers…this is the one site I can always keep going back to…but if this is goodbye realize that this site has helped me find music I would never be listening to, and music that has helped change my life…how on earth would I have heard of bands like Viola or Scraps of Tape w/o Aversionline!!!  Thanks

    2.8.2012 | By paul

  21. Enjoy the break.

    2.8.2012 | By MaxR

  22. Not to vex sappy, but Aversionline has been a part of my life for the past 10+ years and has helped me grow immensely. When I recall how I used to think back then music-wise, it makes me fucking cringe. But your write-ups, rather than just lavish simplistic praises on some stuff you like or other, have always been so diverse, comprehensive, on-point and “expert” (who else goes so far as to comment on the production?) that they never failed to at least tickle me pink to check that shit out. And in doing so, my tastes have broadened to the point where I jam Rot in Hell, This At Al and, I dunno, José González back to back like it’s nobody’s business. I credit your site for playing no small part in my development. Most of the shit I spin on the regular I’ve discovered precisely through Aversionline and will be eternally grateful for all your effort and words. This fool’s been schooled.

    2.9.2012 | By Chris

  23. I enjoyed reading the site over the years. Nothing lasts forever, but it’s been a fun ride.  Take care!

    2.9.2012 | By Wolfhammer

  24. thanks for all the great discoveries. I’ve lost counting.

    2.10.2012 | By Hidde

  25. Damn man…. I started reading this site when I was still in highschool… Turned fucking thirty a couple months back… Never thought there’d come a day when there wouldn’t be any more Aversionline…. Fuck.

    Best of luck to you and thanks for everything.

    2.10.2012 | By Moz

  26. I remember so distinctly reading the review for ‘The Underground is a Dying Breed’ from Hot Rod Circuit. At the time, you were still using a rating system, and you gave it a 10/10. Me, Mr. Know It All, thought there is no way this record deserved such a high score. Well I picked up anyway, and was completely blown away. Not only was it deserving of such a score, but still to this day I believe it is one of the greatest all ever released within the genre. It’s nothing short of perfect.  I know without your review I would have never given the album a chance, let alone a listen. There have been countless other albums over the years that I discovered, and loved, from this site, but that album stands out in my mind. To anyone reading this, regardless of your musical tastes, give ‘The Underground is a Dying Breed’ a try. I assure you that there will be no disappointment. Thank you Andrew for everything.

    2.10.2012 | By John Hasson

  27. hey whatever you decide well done. you turned me on to plenty of albums over the years though admittedly I followed the old a lot more closely than the blog. I mean let’s be honest, you’ve been coasting for awhile but who could blame you. those old reviews were the most well written around. I mean fuck, even hemingway shot himself eventually. anyway, good job whatever you decide but this sounds like curtains.

    2.10.2012 | By tim

  28. Hoping you’ll come back to this but no matter what this blog will always be the yardstick I measure all blogs by. Many, many thanks Sir!

    2.11.2012 | By Anonymous

  29. Good luck Andrew. It’s a huge pity that you’re stopping the blog, as it’s one of the best one’s around and it gave me the inspiration to start mine. I hope you still get enjoyment out of the music you’ve posted about.

    2.11.2012 | By James Williams

  30. Damn… This will be a loss, man.  I appreciate your dedication over the years.  This is by far my favorite hardcore blog, and always has been.  Best of luck.. Hopefully it won’t be a permanent hiatus.

    2.11.2012 | By Jinxproof

  31. Though I did sense this coming for some time now, it still doesn’t make it any easier.

    I’ve been an avid reader for a long, long time and I found countless new bands through Aversionline. Your tireless efforts weren’t for nothing and I applaud you for being one of the longest running review sites/blogs for music.

    Thank you for everything that you’ve accomplished. I’m sure I speak for a lot of people when I say that you will be missed if this is the end.

    2.12.2012 | By EK-1

  32. I know what you are talking about… Thanks for posting! See ya?

    2.12.2012 | By ingo

  33. Discovered so many awesome bands through this site. Whatever the outcome is, I appreciate the time and enthusiasm put into this. cheers.

    2.13.2012 | By Z

  34. Good luck and come back soon.

    2.14.2012 | By mc

  35. It’s pretty insane to think that there are people who have been sticking around for 10+ years.  That’s awesome, and I thank you.

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  36. I was really trying.  It got a little forced here and there, so maybe I overdid it (that’s not what brought this on, though), but I’m glad someone even noticed!

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  37. Thanks, man, I appreciate it.  Hope you’re doing well!

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  38. I’m curious what made you sense it coming?  It’d be interesting to hear from an outside perspective. Thanks so much for the kind words…

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  39. It certainly has nothing to do with the music.  I still love the music and would love to be able to continue trying to introducing people to new music in some capacity, whether it be back here in six months to a year or… who knows?  And I’m honored to have been an inspiration to anyone, too, thanks!

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  40. Thanks?  I think?  Heh.  I do appreciate the honesty.  As I said above I’m the first to admit I think the quality has slipped a bit over the years, but that’s also due to the (perhaps unfortunate) nature of the internet these days.  In addition to the fact that I almost never have the full packaging next to me anymore, it’s hard to spend a couple of hours discussing the production, lyrics, layout, etc. when people are spending an average of just one minute on the website, you know?

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  41. Actually, I wrote about that disc a few years after I dropped the rating system, but I might have claimed I would have given it a 10/10, ‘cause I bet I would have.  I fucking LOVE that album/band.  Their entire discography is superb, though that is my favorite of their albums.  I’m psyched to have gotten people into it, especially those who tend to come from heavier backgrounds.

    You should check out Death in the Park if you haven’t already:

    It’s Andy Jackson’s post-Hot Rod Circuit band.  A little poppier, but still totally awesome and ridiculously catchy.  The full-length rules.

    Thanks for the comment!

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  42. Crazy.  That’s just awesome.

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  43. Thanks so much, dude.  I’m REALLY glad there are other people out there like me who will listen to whatever as long as it’s good.  I’ve had some complaints about the diversity over the years, but that’s one thing I would never change in a million years.

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  44. As I said somewhere else in this thread, I’d be interested to hear your perspective on how you saw this coming?

    Awesome to hear you were into some of the more “atypical” or “lighter” fare that I’ve covered here, too.  Always a good sign.  Thanks!

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  45. Thanks.  Sincerely.  On the one hand I don’t want you to be pissed, but at the same time anger is always a suitable response, and I appreciate it.

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  46. You’ll always be the comment king, Carlos.  Thanks, as usual.

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  47. I probably should have responded to every comment individually, but I felt like I would keep saying the same thing over and over.  So to everyone, THANK YOU.  It really means a lot.  We’ll see what happens down the road…

    2.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  48. Maybe that is what you said. I truly don’t remember, but really all that matters is that I gave something a chance that I otherwise would have passed on. I owe so much of my music to you. I don’t care if it sounds sappy. Your blog will never be topped.

    2.14.2012 | By John Hasson

  49. Let me know what you think of Death in the Park!

    2.15.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  50. I’ve found a lot of cool records through your website. Hope you come back to it, if not, good luck on whatever you do next!

    2.15.2012 | By xbogx

  51. We are glad you took a last effort in reviewing us Andrew!
    Hopefully this will be just a break. If not, just be proud of what you’ve done!

    2.16.2012 | By Morito Ergo Sum

  52. Sucky news. Andrew check your email

    2.17.2012 | By Erik Teeth of the divine

  53. heres another comment for hoping that you come back. i have found so much of my favorite music through your site
    snoras, trapped under ice,  misery signals, mare, agalloch and on and on
    so when you reviewed my band it meant a lot to me.
    also +1 for the diversity of bands covered i have always been a huge fan of that.
    i would be severely bummed if you stopped reviewing, but understand that its a lot of work. thanks for all the years of hard work and great music and i wish you the best.

    2.17.2012 | By tom

  54. Andrew,

    Always a big fan of your work.  I remember hitting you up about how you got ahold of Fall of the Leafe’s “Vantage” when I couldn’t find it anywhere. 

    Though I seldom comment, I always read your work.  I’ve been kicking around here for almost 10 years myself, so I’m grateful for what you’ve done for my musical taste.  Just when I think I’m doing fine myself, you come along with something like Jakartah and I’m like HOW DID I MISS THAT.  Again, I thank you sir! 

    2.18.2012 | By Jay/Hellride Music

  55. [...] Andrew Aversionline.COM ist für mich (mittlerweile) eine der Haupt-Quellen guter Musik aus dem Bereich des Undergrounds. [...]

    2.18.2012 | By Metal-Blog Andrew Aversionline.COM macht Pause | B

  56. thanx for your support over the recent years/releases, and giving your readership some heads up on so much good music. very much appreciated!
    take care,

    2.20.2012 | By simon 7degrees

  57. bands I like because of this site:
    it prevails
    animals as leaders
    cold mouth
    joy formidible
    serpent cult

    most of those are quite recent posts
    I’m sure if I put any effort into it I could name a dozen more…..

    2.20.2012 | By headrot

  58. I do hope you return, Mr. Anti-5!

    2.20.2012 | By A156

  59. Damn. Too bad this is is no more. I am not really into hardcore (-related) music anymore, but this site is the only one I come back to.
    And you are the only Integrity-lover I know ( my friends are dumb…) and I loved to read what you had to say about them. And this was a good way to keep updated on them!

    2.25.2012 | By Martin

  60. Please don’t do this to me!!!!!

    2.29.2012 | By Spider

  61. Andrew, I’ve been following your site/blog for over a decade now and I can honestly say that your coverage of extreme and underground music has been among the best that I’ve read.  Through your writing I expanded my knowledge of countless bands and genres that I knew next to nothing of up until I discovered your site in 2002, and I can honestly say that my musical interests have been shaped in large part by the reviews and profiles you’ve published over the last decade.  I sincerely hope you do find your muse again and continue to spread great musical knowledge.  But if this is indeed the end of the ride it’s been a privilege to have you as one of the best extreme music writers of the past decade+.

    3.5.2012 | By Howard

  62. Thanks for all the awesome work you put into this blog over the years. Thanks too for getting me back into Integrity, Solstice, Only Living Witness, and tons of other bands I had fallen out of touch with.

    3.5.2012 | By Christopher

  63. Another one that is sad to see the site go.
    Enthusiasm can’t be forced and don’t know all the ins but the last couple of years it seemed like you battled with what you wanted to do vs. what you felt obliged to do as the site grew in popularity.
    Not an easy task but I do think that integrating it into making some profit on it would have helped (get percentage of traffic generated by your posts etc).
    It’s hard enough holding down a day time job and then commit to something like this on top is possibly too much.

    What about getting some good people to help out submitting reviews and you being executive on the quality control? Sure there’s plenty out there who could take on the task of reviewing specific genres.
    I think there’s still a very good place for the blog but the undertaking of covering such a broad spectrum of music has become an overly daunting task and you’ve possibly spread yourself thin and burnt yourself out in the process.

    3.8.2012 | By Tobias

  64. How about this: everyone who loves this blog so much could try commenting on it once in awhile and showing the guy they give a shit before a decade has gone by.

    3.8.2012 | By Grimace

  65. “Bobby Fletcher”, I couldn’t find an email address to contact you directly, so thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it.

    3.8.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  66. Thank you.  As mentioned above I wish there were more people out there willing to give a range of stuff a shot.  From Snoras to Trapped Under Ice, etc. is a pretty big leap, so I’m glad there are other people out there unconcerned with jumping from genre to genre.

    3.8.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  67. Jay, that’s awesome, thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it!

    3.8.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  68. Thanks so much, I’m glad to have made any difference at all!

    3.8.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  69. In fact the site has been steadily decreasing in “popularity” for about five years now.  Selling ads and all that stuff would be nice, I guess, but at the same time I think it sort of cheapens the whole thing.  In all of my “creative” endeavors I’ve never really cared about making money.  Similarly, I have zero interest in being an “editor” that largely oversees the content of other contributors.  In 12+ years I think I’ve only included one piece of content from an outside contributor (it was an interview with Navicon Torture Technologies back in 2002), so all along I’ve sort of prided myself on the fact that this has been my “baby” or whatever.

    I do appreciate the ideas and suggestions, however!  Thanks for the insight and observations…

    3.8.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  70. Ha, ha! This does touch on one of the most significant factors in what is driving my decision, really. I totally understand people not wanting to publicly comment on a stupid blog, but I don’t really get emails that often anymore either.  In the last month I’ve gotten 10 times more emails asking me to review shit (obviously being sent by people who are not regular readers of the site, if they even bothered to look at the site at all) than I have emails regarding the content of this post.

    Shit, just the other day someone posted a comment to the effect of, “This blog is lame for including purchase links instead of download links.”  I mean, that’s the future of the internet.  Yuck.

    3.8.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  71. I can totally sympathize with your frustration over the lack of meaningful comments vs. shitty kids bein’ all butt-hurt over the lack of “free” albums but I think it’s worthwhile to remember that a lot of us who read this thing religiously are a] people who still give a shit about buying music and b] people who have probably been reading this site for way too many years now…

    it’s a little hard to put exactly what I’m getting at into words here but it’s something like: a lot of us cats who read this started out reading it when we were young buck hardcore/ metal kids with nothing to do but fuck around online and decide whether that new album was worth blowing our hard earned allowance money on but over the course of this blog we’ve grown into fucking bitter old dinosaurs who still check in regularly but we do it in between tasks at whatever shit job we landed once we became grown-ups and sometimes managing a meaningful comment while on the clock can be a little tricky [especially if you’re like me and don’t use a computer for your job but check in on your phone while trying to slam down a sandwich with your other hand] but we’re out here nonetheless… nodding sagely and grunting our monosyllabic approval of your endorsement of the Integrity/ Rot in Hell split.

    Unfortunately any attempt to continue past this point is only muddying whatever point i was trying to make but I hope some part of what I was trying to say made sense… hah.

    On an unrelated note, what year did you start doing Aversionline? I feel like I must have caught you right near the beginning in like 97 or 98? I remember the url was like aversionline or something like that… I actually remember there being another url before that but I may be imagining it?... I used to read some site called loudnet way back in the day [which probably gives some idea just how ancient I am] and I think I found the link through there.

    3.8.2012 | By Moz

  72. I’m glad someone else remembers Loudnet, because that was one of the primary sites that inspired me to start my own, and that guy seems to have vanished off the face of the earth.

    I made my first attempt in 1997/1998 but it never even went online, I just had a layout and started preparing some content, but then got too busy to see it through.  I started working on it again in October of 1999 and it went up officially on January 1st, 2000 at the old URL.

    I totally understand the point you were making.  I get it completely.  I don’t want to seem ungrateful either because the comments posted above and the handful of emails I’ve received have all meant a great deal to me, and I really do appreciate every word (I keep saying that, but it’s true).  I used to periodically post and whine about not getting enough comments, but I gave up and got over that a couple years ago, really.  There’s definitely more to my feeling of “...this might be the end…” than that.

    3.8.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  73. Yeah I always wonder what happened to loudnet too… it was like one day it was there the next it was gone without any sort of warning…

    I feel like I read an interview with that guy years later in some xeroxed newsprint zine [hell frost? wormgear? maybe… i dunno] where he mentioned getting a job at relapse or something? Who knows. I’d definitely give a lot for the nostalgia trip of sifting through some of his old reviews from back then.

    Actually, on a similar note are your old reviews archived anywhere? There’s like one album I remember reading about back in the old days I’ve been fiending to hear again but for the life of me I cannot remember what It was…

    Here’s a total trip…. I just got a picked up a brand new sealed copy of Never Presence Forever “Disturbed Visceral Nociception” earlier today out of the bargain bin at the Amoeba Records in SF… That one takes me way back.

    3.8.2012 | By moz

  74. I’ll email you…

    3.9.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  75. I really hope you come back. I remember reading your website around 2002 or 03 and always loved the hundreds of reviews a month that I would spend many work hours reading… when you went blog I didn’t come around as much basically waiting till there was a great amount of stuff to read once again and just going through it all in a few hours. Hope the hiatus recharges your batteries. Learned about a great many bands through you.

    3.9.2012 | By shaolinlambkiller

  76. i’ve been reading the site for probably a decade too. I also used to read Loudnet. that site was responsible for me getting into real underground stuff because he put up real player links to a ton of songs and also started posting video towards the end, that would take hours to download on dial up. ahh those were the days….I even went to a concert where the loudnet dude attended, dillinger escape plan calculating inifity tour with Isis (celestial) and candiria at the living room in santa barbara. Avesrionline rules. I have always liked the amount of detail and information as well as links you provide. Also, i have always enjoyed rarely seeing band names i’ve actually read about anywhere else. its like you pull reviews of bands from another dimension that only exist on the plane in which you live. awesome.

    3.13.2012 | By uncouth

  77. Cool.  I used to get complaints that I didn’t write about enough “well known” bands, and I never got that.  I think that’s why I’ve fallen out of favor with a lot of people over the years, because I don’t think those bands need my help anymore.  Every now and then I’d still write about something along those lines, but to me the “smaller” bands that few people have ever heard of are the ones most deserving of more opportunities to be heard.  I’m glad there are some other people out there who feel the same way.

    3.14.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  78. I keep coming back every now and then just tosee what’s going on with this conversation. It’s nice to se see that this has kept going.

    I’ve thanks Andrew many times already, but felt that I’d share something witht the rest of the readers. It was nice how much this site gave coverage to finnish metallic hardcore scene and other bands from Finland as well. Nowadays I care even less about some critics opinion of the records i’ve been part of, but I always looked forward to sending stuff to Andrew. I knew there would be honest and indepth review. OK, it would’ve been more indepth back in the early 00’s but I rarely have read as good reviews as I’ve read from this site. Some people come close here and there, but nobony writes as much as you did. It sure would be nice to have an aversionline archive.

    3.19.2012 | By Samuli

  79. Andrew,

    do you remember the time I stirred the shit on that major label band’s board because they sent you a shitty promo copy of their album? And then we bonded over Isis and noise like over a decade ago?

    That’s just a few of the superb memories your writing on music has provided me with, not to mention that you have/will always remain the only source of reviews I have come to trust explicitly(even as my musical tastes have drifted from what you cover, it’s hard to ignore that you’ve always pulled the creme de la creme of whatever you post), or expect that when I now press play on bandcamp(things have come a long way), I won’t be disappointed. 

    I guess I’ve always wanted to thank you, for essentially doing thankless work on your own time, and never asking for anything in return.  So Thanks. If you come back, Ill still be reading, but if you don’t. You’ve left a body of work/writing that is nigh unsurpassable in my opinion.

    3.20.2012 | By Aaron

  80. Wow.  If this turns out to be more than a hiatus, this really is the end of an era.  All I have to say has been said in some form above, but hell ...

    I’ve been coming to your site for probably six or seven years, so I guess I jumped in about midway through.  But for the past few years, this place has been the only place I’ve come to actively seek out new music.  I never commented much, mostly because I didn’t think my opinion wasn’t substantive enough to throw out there, but I used to check this site daily.  Life went off the rails a little bit, so I dropped down to checking it less than once a month (I just now found out about your calling it quits).  But the quality of the posts never dropped in my eyes; I pretty much took the site for granted. 

    So I totally get what you’re saying about its feeling like a chore; hell, I’ve been too tired to even seek out music, let alone post it and comment on it as diligently as you have.  So do what you gotta do man; if anyone was pissed about the transition away from download links or is pissed about the (potential) demise of Aversionline, it’s a sign they took you for granted.  And that, in its own perverse way, is a hell of a compliment.

    Anyway, thanks for all your work.  Without it I never would have discovered Stompbox, Make Do and Mend, None Would Remain, Keitzer, Parlamentarisk Sodomi, Hex Machine, Yersinia, The End Will Be Kicks, This Et Al, Gods and Queens (RIP), Merrimack, Wetnurse, Kowloon Walled City, Perth Express, L’Esprit du Clan, Cortez ... the list goes on and fucking on.  (Maybe even Arsis ... hah.)  I always appreciated the complete lack of genre-pigeonholing, which really set this site apart.  This place has provided well more than 50% of the soundtrack to my life over the past several years, and for that I have to say your site seriously changed my life; I’m sure I’m not alone on that one.  There are tons of music blogs out there, but I never found one that came close to Aversionline in terms of no-pretentious-bullshit writing and straight-up good taste.  Hell, maybe this’ll force me to get off my ass again and do my own legwork as far as finding bands goes.

    So take a break man, and take care.  What you did here wasn’t “just another blog”; it was fucking charity as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll raise a glass to you when I go see The big-time Joy Formidable on Thursday ... hahaha.  Thanks for the music!

    3.20.2012 | By zg

  81. Thank you so, so much.  This is quite possibly my favorite comment that has ever been posted on this site!

    3.28.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  82. Man, I don’t remember that!  But I damn sure wish I did!  My memory is pathetic, I need to try and improve on that, ha, ha.  Many thanks for the kind words, I truly appreciate it.

    3.28.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  83. Most of the reviews are still online between the blog and the old site, but I have considered trying to consolidate all of ‘em in one place.  Not sure if I will or not.  I’ve pondered it, though…

    3.28.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  84. Andrew ,working with you has always been a pleasure.  I have always been grateful to hear your reviews of our work. AND OF COURSE all the other fantastic reviews and finding out about bands i had never heard before, thanks again!!! nick brewer

    4.2.2012 | By nick brewer

  85. Just came to express that I miss this site. It’s the time I would’ve sent you the Lighthouse Project album.

    4.16.2012 | By Samuli

  86. Been reading since 2006. This is the best music blog out there. Enjoy your break

    4.20.2012 | By wes

  87. I was reading your blog for years now, even if there were no download links. It was always interesting music i found here. Hope you dont leave it completly, but i know how much this stuff (blogging, this scene, the kids in it, the internet at all) can suck.

    Regards and maybe we can read something from you in the future…

    5.21.2012 | By Gravity Kid

  88. Took me forever to post something, I know. I’ve been coming to this blog every day for about 7 or 8 years. I’ve discovered tons of new music through you and got to listen to you and others comment on some of my favorite stuff too (Integ, Gehenna, Acme, Systral, etc.). Sad to see you go but I hope you get back into it in some form or other. Maybe you could just write about any albums that really truly grab you (the type that don’t leave your CD player or turntable for weeks…). Anyway, thanks so much for all the hard work you gave this thing. It obviously meant a lot to a lot of people. You rule, dude.

    7.3.2012 | By Jake

  89. its been too long. i need some new bands!

    7.24.2012 | By L.Ron

  90. A bit late to the party, but oh well.  I haven’t been here for quite some time, but there’s a reason I remembered this place.  Even if my tastes in metal don’t always align with what you’ve posted, I have found some stuff I like thanks to you.  Even now, I’ve found a new band (to me, that is) that I’m liking and I’ll be going through more of what you’ve posted as time and work allows.  Even if you don’t return to posting stuff on a regular basis, I hope you do still find the desire to post from time to time with new stuff that you stumble across.  Yours is not “just another blog” and it’d be a shame if there was nothing new to find here.

    11.25.2012 | By Revelation 23

  91. Alright man its 2013! Happy New Year! Its time to bring this site back full force!
    Best music blog on the internet! Hope to see a post soon!

    1.10.2013 | By Anonymous

  92. One year to the day the best blog ever closed it doors. Let’s hope that in 5 years, there will be a ‘reunion’ blog post.

    2.5.2013 | By John Hasson

  93. Many thanks.

    2.6.2013 | By Andrew Aversionline

  94. Hello!

    Andrew you’ve probably noticed. Entropy released new album:

    It’s quite different from old stuff.

    2.8.2013 | By Carlos

  95. Yep. They are now selling their old albums for VERY cheap prices as well:

    2.10.2013 | By Andrew Aversionline

  96. Well it has been over a year since your last post. Thanks for the years of great writing. Hope this finds you, your friends, and family doing well.

    4.16.2013 | By Jonathan

  97. Many thanks. I ALMOST posted on February 6th, 2013 but… well… I didn’t. Thanks for popping back in.

    4.16.2013 | By Andrew Aversionline

  98. this place used to have a forum like 12 years ago or something didn’t it?

    4.19.2013 | By rhino

  99. I don’t even remember, honestly.  The first version of the site in the early-2000’s might have had a minimal forum for a couple of months, but if it did, it definitely didn’t last very long.

    4.20.2013 | By Andrew Aversionline

  100. I know we will hear from you soon… There is a new INTEGRITY album coming!

    5.18.2013 | By Martin

  101. 101 post!

    Dude, please return! I/we miss you… :)

    5.29.2013 | By Carlos