Song of the Day: Ore Miner, “Zygote,” from Onism (Self-Released, 2019)

Chris from Trip Machine Laboratories recently hit me up and recommended that I check out New Haven, CT's Ore Miner. Since the man has a proven track record of fine taste, I promptly took his advice and was, of course, impressed by what I heard.

Once more, I don't know shit about the band. How many people are in the lineup, and who are they? Not a clue. It looks like they've existed since at least late-2017, and the four-song, 11-minute Onism EP appears to be their debut. Expect a unique brand of metalcore that follows a more midpaced take on the choppy, chaotically arranged side of the genre—tempered by a Dissolve-like finesse for acerbic-yet-dense rhythms that never really run in a straight line, if you know what I mean. Also of note are the distorted vocals, which lend an almost industrialized vibe to the outcome. Very cool.

It says the material was recorded at their house, which is insane, because the production is fuckin' excellent and absolutely increases the quality and impact of their first impression, so... I fully expect to see bigger and better things transpire for Ore Miner moving forward. Until then, Onism is a free download on Bandcamp, or stream it on Spotify.