Od Vratot Nadolu “Ziva” CD/12”

Od Vratot Nadolu - ZivaOd Vratot Nadolu is a two-piece act from Macedonia that consists of bass, drums, and vocals, and I believe "Ziva" is their debut EP (which I was hooked up with by Fuck Yoga Records, who released it in cooperation with SuperFi Records and Insulin Addicted Records). As would be expected of most any bass-centric, powerviolence-leaning band, these guys have and will continue to draw comparisons to Man is the Bastard (which is obviously not a bad thing) with these eight tracks in about 18 minutes of winding, distorted bass runs, hammering percussion, and a dual vocal attack of assorted shouts and growls. Don't expect a lot of explosive, chaotic speed, though. In fact, what works so well about this material is that there are a lot of pounding, midpaced tempos that benefit from the breathing room that a two-piece band offers. The recording is also rugged but clear, and suits their stripped down approach quite well. Every now and then it sounds like they might be throwing in some keyboard textures, but maybe they're just applying weird, atmospheric effects to some of the basslines? That being said, they keep things pretty straightforward for the most part, and that's perfectly fine. I actually prefer generally tried and true approaches to this particular niche, and Od Vratot Nadolu totally nails it.

Od Vratot Nadolu "Videodrom"

The EP (which is also referred to as "Mercury", so don't get confused when trying to order a copy) is limited to 500 CD's and 500 12"s (400 on black and 100 on clear), and if it had been released by Slap a Ham Records in the early- to mid-90's it probably would've sold out last week, so... get moving!

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Fuck Yoga Records (CD/12")
SuperFi Records (CD/12")
Robotic Empire (12")
Vinyl Rites (12")


  1. Do you remember ancient chinese secret?

    3.13.2011 | By Jack

  2. Band is rad!  Thanks to Ivan from Fuck Yoga for turning me on to these guys a couple months back.  One of the gnarliest bass+drum duos going.

    3.18.2011 | By justin