Now Denial/Get Laid, Hungrier Than the Wolf (Get Young, 2011)

From Get Young Records comes this split 7" from two Massachusetts bands, Now Denial and Get Laid. Now Denial kicks things off with two tracks of... well, I don't know what the hell you'd call it. Weird hardcore/punk/rock with unusually stripped down production values. There's barely any distortion at all, and I'd actually say the vocals are the most aggressive element. "Wasted Lives" definitely has more of a driving hardcore/punk feel with its faster pace and catchier vocal arrangements; but it, too, has its moments of generally uncategorizable something-or-other. It's a good match, really, for Get Laid's self-described "thrashy weird punk", which first impressed me about two years ago. Their three tracks seem to be gravitating towards an even more angular and noisy form of "thrashy weirdness", with a fast-paced core and a raw, loose playing style that adds some discordance and grit to their delivery. Now Denial is probably the oddly heavier of the two, while Get Laid is... just... oddly odd, maybe? I don't know. I really like 'em, though. Stream the entire split below and see what you think. The first two songs are Now Denial, the last three are Get Laid:

Vinyl purchases include a digital download, and the physical copies are limited to just 300 copies (100 on black, 100 on red, and 100 on clear ).

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  1. Wow, this stuffs really good. Hi Andrew, sorry I haven’t posted for a while. Now Denial sound heavy, but I get what your saying about the lack of distortion. It would be really heavy with the distortion, kinda reminds me of a stripped back Hang The Bastard, but awesome all the same. Get Laid are pretty cool as well. There used to be some old hardcore bands that appeared on one of the Fighting Music comps from Deathwish inc. that kinda sounded like them. It’s good stuff again though. Do You know if it’s available from any UK distros?

    1.17.2012 | By James Williams

  2. I have no clue about UK distros, sorry!  If you contact either band I’m sure they could tell you, though.

    1.17.2012 | By Andrew Aversionline

  3. Interesting split.

    I recommend you to check the band with almost same name - The Now Denial: Viva, Viva Threatening. This album is great, I’m sad I’ve sold it…

    1.17.2012 | By Carlos

  4. What Carlos said.

    1.21.2012 | By Klonkjerk