Name That Band: SWAT (PAHC)

Edit: The internet works fast! This is a band called SWAT, from Reading, PA. They formed in early-1991 and released a four-song demo at some point. Not sure what year or what the song titles are yet. They did another demo (two songs) in 1994, at which time the lineup was David on bass and lead vocals, Jerry (later of Terror Zone) on guitar and backing vocals, Hans (later of Mushmouth/Out to Win) on guitar, and Brian on drums. I'd still be psyched to receive additional info, so let me know if you've got any! Also contact me if you have either demo tape and would be willing to sell—I'll make fair offers!

Two or three weeks ago I was sent a handful of completely unidentified mp3s dating back to the early-ish '90s. No one seems to recall anything about the tracks—no song titles, no band name, nothing. All that's known is that they were ripped from an old mixtape that also contained songs from Treadchain, No One's Hero, Askance, Option, and Downcast. I flipped out almost instantly because the material sounds very much like groups that were operating out of the Boston/Brockton area during that time period—specifically acts like Subjugator or Dear Life/XXL—i.e. groove-leaning thrash-gone-hardcore with burly vocals and shitloads of ridiculously awesome breakdowns. That is to say: this is my wheelhouse, people!

I've Googled my ass off based on possible locales, lyrical phrases that could be song titles, etc., but I've been striking out hard. Like... worse than ever!? Please, for the love of all that is holy, help me out with any possible information here so that I can hunt down everything this band ever recorded—and possibly track down some of its members in the process!

Hit me up! At least in my world, these paltry mysteries are of the utmost crucial importance!!!