My Sister’s Machine “Diva” CD

My Sister's Machine - Diva"Diva" was the debut full-length from Seattle grunge act My Sister's Machine, released by Caroline Records in 1992. I never really got much into the grunge thing, though. I mean, I still love Alice in Chains, but I barely ever considered them to be "grunge", so... besides a couple of Soundgarden and Nirvana albums or whatever, My Sister's Machine might be the only other Seattle band from that whole niche that I ever got into. (I'd probably appreciate more of that stuff these days, but I've never taken the time to re-investigate, so let me know if you have any recommendations!) I think the 15-year-old me saw My Sister's Machine's video for "I'm Sorry" on Headbanger's Ball at one point and the song at least caught my attention. I didn't buy the album until much later, though, 'cause I remember it was one of those songs that I only heard once or twice as a kid, but it would periodically get stuck in my head over the years. Until one day I was finally like, "Shit, I should buy that album!"

So eventually I did, and it's just a solid, grungy hard rock album. I never followed the band in great detail, and I haven't listened to this album very regularly, to be honest, but... lately a track or two from "Diva" keeps popping up on my iPod and reminding me that I dig this stuff more now than I did when I first picked it up. There's a shitload of fuzzy, wah'd out guitar; a killer bass tone; and I love the vocals. I don't know, there's just something about the gruffness of the singing that really gels with this style. And they're just cool songs, man! I don't think I've ever listened to this album as closely as I have in the last week, and I'm surprised it never fully clicked with me before, because there's some really catchy shit going on here. It just perfectly employs that grungy heaviness to amplify rockin', memorable tracks. Here are a few of the best tunes from "Diva" (there are other great songs on the album—especially my personal favorite, "Sunday", but I couldn't find that one on YouTube):

My Sister's Machine "I'm Sorry"
My Sister's Machine "I Hate You"
My Sister's Machine "Pain"

The band released one more album in 1993 ("Wallflower"), then broke up sometime in 1994. They actually reunited last year for a Layne Staley tribute benefit concert, too (My Sister's Machine vocalist/guitarist Nick Pollock was actually in an early incarnation of Alice in Chains, back when they went by the slightly "glammier" Alice 'n' Chains).

If you want a copy of this CD, buy it now while you can still get one used for a reasonable price. There are only a few listings out there that aren't well into the "bullshit" price range, and it's not on iTunes or anything. You'd think the fact that you can download almost any damn album for free from 20 different blogs would keep the prices down on collectible CD's, but apparently that's just not the case. So damn frustrating...

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  1. I’m probably a few years younger but I have almost the identical experience with this band except that I was 13 and I saw the video for “Enemy” (which was off the 2nd album Wallflower) on Headbangers Ball.  At the time I thought “Enemy” was the most amazing song so the next week at school, I didn’t eat lunch that whole week and I saved my lunch money to buy Wallflower.  But even back then, none of the other songs on the album hit me in the same way.  And after a few weeks, “Enemy” was just not doing it for me anymore. 

    In any event, here is the video for “Enemy”:

    10.14.2011 | By 999 Plan

  2. Like yourself, “Alice In Chains and a few Soundgarden or Nirvana songs” is about the extent of my interest in grunge, BUT I also enjoy and recommend the Seattle band TAD if you’re really looking for something else grungey to get into. Some of their riffs ares almost as big as the guy playing them, and that is saying some shit:

    10.14.2011 | By Lev

  3. Thanks for posting this. I’d heard of, but never heard this band. Loving them now!

    10.14.2011 | By RichF

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard some Tad here and there over the years, but never really looked into their albums.  You’re right, though, this is really good stuff.  I’ll have to pick some of this up soon.  Thanks!

    10.14.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  5. Gruntruck and Nudeswirl were ok as well.

    10.18.2011 | By Tobias

  6. Yeah!  I remember that Gruntruck song.  I think I might have had that album at some point, but I don’t anymore.  I should pick that up again, too.

    10.18.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  7. Funny I was just giving Peter Bagge’s “Hate” a re-read on my iPad last week and Tad was in an issue where one of the main characters was being a total fanboy, but even if I read about them a lot back on the grunge days I’d never listen to them before and damn if it doesn’t rock.

    Now TAD and Crowbar on the same bill talk about some logistics people worrying if the building was going to hold up.

    10.24.2011 | By LuisB

  8. Wow!  I completely for got about this one.  I used to play “I Hate You” quite a bit when this CD came out.  I feel old.

    10.28.2011 | By The Path Less Traveled Records