My Fictions, I Want Nothing (Flannel Gurl, 2011)

I believe "I Want Nothing" is the debut EP from Lowell, MA's My Fictions (released by Flannel Gurl Records), blending a number of different influences amidst its five tracks in 20 minutes. I guess you'd say they're building upon a base of melodic/metallic hardcore with a pretty significant "post-rock" edge and some "screamo" tendencies. There are a few surprisingly chunky rhythms; bursts of frantic speed with hectic drumming; shimmery tremolo picking with light effects; and some dark, somber clean passages. Three of the four band members contribute vocals, most of which are various degrees of screaming, at times layered for added effect. As a whole this material is certainly more crisply recorded and tightly performed than most bands that flirt with a "screamo" type of aesthetic, however. "Fortune Teller" even cranks out some of that zippy alternate-picked riffing that always catches my attention, though opener "Same Grave" is by far my favorite of the bunch. They're working with a good sense of energy and emotion throughout, and those are always the most important factors for any band operating within this general realm. Very cool. I look forward to hearing more...

The 10" is limited to about 150 on black and about 50 on grey, and vinyl copies include a digital download. If you don't care about physical product it's available as a free download, too, so... definitely give this a shot!

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  1. Interesting stuff. “Same Grave” is definitely the highlight, but a solid EP all the way around from a band I’d not heard of. Thanks for the heads-up, dude.

    1.28.2012 | By Marcus