Muzza Chunka: Grungy ‘90s Alt.-Metal That You Won’t Find on Spotify, Volume II

Formed in Los Angeles around 1991, Muzza Chunka issued a couple of 7" singles and a cassette EP prior to their lone full-length, Fishy Pants—released in 1993 via the Arista-linked Rowdy Records, otherwise predominantly a hip-hop label. For the most part, that's about all the information you'll find through rudimentary Google searches, and I was completely unfamiliar with their work prior to this year, so... there's little more that I can offer!

Their brand of grungy alternative metal differentiates itself by being a bit more hardcore punk-infused at times—occasionally touching on a quick swig of stoner rockishness, too.

Guitarist Dave Teague had previously played with the now highly-collectible Knoxville, TN hardcore act Koro; later to join The Dickies. Bassist Nick Steinberg went on to perform with a number of acts that I'm not familiar with, most recently the rather intriguing Mihi Nihil. Drummer John Oreshnick later resurfaced in Fireball Ministry. Vocalist Paul Dybdahl? I'm not sure.

Muzza Chunka actually worked on some sort of semi-reunion back in 2011/2012, but other than some rehearsals, I'm not sure if anything came of it? The band has also stated that they released another EP during their original run (possibly after the album?), but I've found zero other mentions of it online, so I doubt I'll be adding that to my collection anytime soon.

That being said, you can grab Fishy Pants for cheap as hell through Discogs or Amazon, of course.

Streaming sucks: spend a few bucks!