Mountain Asleep “Smile Medicine” 7”

Mountain Asleep - Smile MedicineKid Sister Everything released "Smile Medicine" sometime last year, and unfortunately I believe that Louisville, KY's Mountain Asleep has since broken up. I had never even heard of the band before, but I was so excited about this EP that I've since checked out some of their previous efforts as well. From what I can tell they released a demo in 2007, the "Hello, Anxious" LP in 2008, a split 7" with Antilles in 2009, this EP, and that's it: A complete discography that totals just 24 songs in about 38 minutes. Of said discography, this 7" makes up four songs in a little over seven minutes, and marks the band's finest material in my opinion, so I really wish they had continued. Expect a fucking excellent blend of ruggedly melodic hardcore/punk that's accented by bits and pieces of raw, angular emo/screamo type stuff. There's a lot of frantic percussion and jangly, fast-paced power chords; winding guitar and bass runs that flirt with both harsher, dissonant phrasings and brighter melodies; and a multi-vocal approach that combines an assortment of shouting/yelling (and kinda-sorta singing) throughout. It's all about short, explosive, catchy songs jammed with energy, energy, energy. Man, what a difference a well-honed burst of speed can make. Every song on this thing is pure gold, I'm telling you ("Postcards" is a particular favorite). Not so much Mountain Asleep's earlier work, but this EP actually starts to remind me of I-Spy, which probably doesn't mean much to most of the people reading this, but I view it as a high compliment. Great recording, too. Just perfect for this style. Clear, warm, not too clean, not too dirty, etc. I love everything about this 7", and can't recommend it enough. Awesome. I could listen to shit like this all day!

The 7" is limited to a mere 300 copies (200 on opaque yellow and 100 on black), so I'm actually pretty surprised that there are still copies left. It's also available on Bandcamp as a name-your-price download (as is their 2007 demo), so... get to it!

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