Mortal Bodies, “Peeled Mirror,” from Embodiment (Chondritic Sound, 2017)

I must confess that I'm not at all familiar with the other works of this duo (Marc Gonya from Granite Mask and Marfisia Bel from Harmaline), but of the recent batch of releases from the always quality Chondritic Sound label, this outing from Mortal Bodies jumped out at me the most.

Simple yet effective hums, whirrs, and percussive rhythms lurch and reverberate amidst the occasional wisp of feedback or fluttery electronic activity; as largely indecipherable vocals are spoken or whispered through at times weighty effects.

Crisply and clearly executed, the material creates precisely the type of ominous atmosphere and ideological intrigue that I hope for from such realms of experimental sound. Stream, download, or purchase a physical cassette of Embodiment through Bandcamp.