Morito Ergo Sum, Moonchild (Self-Released, 2011)

"Moonchild" is the self-released sophomore EP from Stockholm, Sweden's Morito Ergo Sum, unloading four lengthy tracks of moody doom in 31 minutes. It seems a little strange to name an EP after a cover song (the title track is an interpretation of a King Crimson tune), but... hey, whatever works, 'cause this is some very promising material, and I really dig the overall sense of balance the band achieves. The compositions are built around slow, pulsing tempos without crawling along at a snail's pace; the production's got a good sense of warmth without relying on that 70's kind of sound/influence (great bass presence, too); everything feels nice and heavy without coming across as forced or oppressive; and the somewhat restrained, monotone singing doesn't go the over-dramatic route, either. There's something very natural about the atmosphere of the whole affair. Toss in some tactful added strings (Violin?), chilling clean passages, and sleek melodic leads (which get surprisingly energetic on occasion), and you've got yourself a winner. Nicely done...

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