Stream the 1998 Demo From Obscure Virginia Thrash Act Mister Yuk

I know pretty much nothing about Mister Yuk. I snagged this four-song demo from the used stacks of a local record shop a few weeks ago for $4, and it contains very little information:

  • ©1998.
  • AOL email address.
  • Merrifield, VA P.O. Box.

That's it. Really. Not one single credit, no lyrics, nothing.

The band name is fuckin' awful and I had never heard of 'em before, but seeing that they had been semi-local to my area, I said "What the hell?" and rolled the dice—fully expecting whatever it was to be, well... not good.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I popped in the tape to find that, in fact—against all odds—the material is quite solid, and actually brings to mind the groove-leaning thrash of Time Bomb-era Demolition Hammer (though closer "Claustrophobia" even breaks into a total hardcore vibe). They actually would've made perfect sense on the Pavement Music roster alongside bands like Stressball, Headlock, Beyond, etc.—especially had they been active a few years prior.

Though unlikely, if anyone out there happens to know anything about Mister Yuk, please do hit me up and let me know!