Stream the 1998 Demo From Obscure Virginia Thrash Act Mister Yuk

I know pretty much nothing about Mister Yuk. I snagged this four-song demo from the used stacks of a local record shop a few weeks ago for $4, and it contains very little information:

  • ©1998.
  • AOL email address.
  • Merrifield, VA P.O. Box.

That's it. Really. Not one single credit, no lyrics, nothing.

The band name is kinda awful and I had never heard of 'em before, but seeing that they had been semi-local to my area, I said "What the hell?" and rolled the dice—fully expecting whatever it was to be, well... not good.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I popped in the tape to find that, in fact—against all odds—the material is quite solid, and actually brings to mind the groove-leaning thrash of Time Bomb-era Demolition Hammer (though closer "Claustrophobia" even breaks into a total hardcore vibe). They actually would've made perfect sense on the Pavement Music roster alongside bands like Stressball, Headlock, Beyond, etc.—especially had they been active a few years prior. So, that $4 was certainly well spent in the end!

Though unlikely, if anyone out there happens to know anything about Mister Yuk, please do hit me up and let me know!


Updated 7.16.2018: I've since heard from three members of Mister Yuk, revealing that the group was a quartet consisting of Brian on vocals, Scott on guitar, Joey on bass, and Alan on drums. The above four-song demo from 1998 was all that they recorded.

Years prior to Mister Yuk, Alan was in a solid thrash act called Final Strike. Joey and Alan were formerly in The Reagans during the mid-'90s, and later in a sludgily groovin' stoner rock trio called The Strange. Brian later resurfaced in a pretty killer nu-metal group called Bodyfarm, which released a handful of demos. Mister Yuk actually ran through a short-lived reunion in 2002, but Brian and Alan are currently active in Swarm of the Locust.