Misery Loves Co., “Happy?,” from Misery Loves Co. (Earache, 1994)

I've always been drawn to simplistically depressing songs, and I fell in love with this particular example way back when I was a kid. For some idiotic reason I sold the CD along the way, but I never forgot this track, and eventually rebought the album digitally as a result. I happened to stumble upon the CD again for a mere $1 last week, so now it's back home in my collection where it belongs. The third time's the charm, I suppose!

I'm no industrial metal guru, but it seems to me that Sweden's Misery Loves Co. definitely tends to fall on the underrated side. While "Happy?" may remain my personal favorite, this entire album holds up incredibly well these days. The group's recently-released reunion track ain't half bad either, so it would appear that I've got some further investigating to do here.

In fact, while digging around for Misery Loves Co. B-side data and such on Discogs, I recently discovered that Patrik Wirén was also the vocalist for technical thrashers Midas Touch back in the late-'80s (Who knew!?); and Örjan Örnkloo has done a shitload of work for In Flames over the past 15 years. Good stuff...