Song of the Day: Man Destroyed Man, “They Lied/Fantastic Fiction” (Self-Released, 2021)

Read my last write-up on New Jersey metallic hardcore unit Man Destroyed Man for a little more background if you've missed out thus far, but the short version is: three former members of Elements DEC, one former member of All Parallels, and I'm a huge fan! The quartet followed up January's [Know Thy] Self-Titled EP over the weekend with two new tracks that are once again short but sweet and packed with energy, while carrying a well-pointed bitterness to the lyrics. For the most part, they're very consistent with the band's first batch of tunes, though I'd note a little more of a hard-hitting crunch to the production—there's still plenty of breathing room for the badass basslines, though.

Both new songs are great, but "Fantastic Fiction" has to be my personal favorite, as that riff that kicks in at 0:57 just kills me! I'm telling you, that dissonant, arpeggiated riffing style always flips me out right away, it almost never fails!

For now, both "They Lied" and "Fantastic Fiction" are up as a name your price download on Bandcamp, and should hit Spotify and other such services later this month. If you're a fan of truly unique melodic/metallic hardcore, you need to get on this shit. Hopefully a label will do the same and grace us with a tangible MDM release at some point, too!