Song of the Day: Lift, “Pressure,” from Harsh Light of the Truth (Self-Released, 2018)

A kind reader with good taste messaged me a few days ago asking if I was familiar with Connecticut's Lift. I was not, but was quickly intrigued by the striking cover art, and therefore had high hopes.

Formed in 2015 (and featuring former members of With Honor and Ambitions, among others), the group issued a two-song EP (Lessons Learned in Pain) in early-2017, and its three-song follow-up, Harsh Light of the Truth, back in June of this year. Indeed, my high hopes were fulfilled, and I immediately found myself asking—yet again—how is it possible that more people aren't talking about this band!?

I mean, shit, Snapcase's Progression Through Unlearning is still a pretty fuckin' highly regarded album, isn't it? And—at least to me—that's pretty much what Lift sounds like... but better. The outcome is slightly more modern, of course, with tighter, harder-hitting production; but the songwriting also just has more punch to it. The grooves boast a tad more crunch, the melodies a bit brighter and more emphatic, the vocals slightly more impassioned, etc. This is top shelf aggressive-yet-melodic post-hardcore-tinged metallic hardcore right here. Period.

Pick up Harsh Light of the Truth on cassette, as well as Lessons Learned in Pain, and keep an eye out for more. This is further proof that—in most cases—today's finest hardcore bands are not the scene's most popular. I just can't believe these cats aren't being super-hyped right now!?

(I actually just discovered hours after making this post that the Dropping Bombs label will be issuing both EPs on vinyl as well. Get to pre-ordering now, though, because quantities are limited!)