Song of the Day: Last Night Issue, “Split Second” (2019)

Belgian duo Last Night Issue emailed me about their new tune last weekend, and I'm slightly biased against guitar/drums outfits like this because I quite enjoy bass and layering and whatnot, so I can't say that I had high hopes, but... I'm sold! "Split Second" is a little slower and moodier than what I've now heard from their debut EP, but I can't deny quality songwriting, and both members sing, so the excellent vocal harmonies and interplay make up for the stripped down instrumentation. In fact, it was the vocals during the chorus that totally won me over in this particular instance. (There's a simple yet slick-looking performance video for the track, too, if you're interested.)

The balanced production and nuanced approach of "Split Second" actually make it one of my favorites from the band thus far, but if you're still unsure, I highly recommend their prior EP as well—there's just more direct energy and oomph to the grungy alt.-rock goodness of those compositions (especially "Fade Away"), painting a clearer picture of what they have to offer as a whole.

Jam some Last Night Issue on Bandcamp or Spotify, and hopefully you'll agree. I'm already looking forward to hearing more...