Song of the Day: Kind, “Broken Tweaker,” from Mental Nudge (Ripple Music, 2020)

I just recently learned about Boston squad Kind because the group features Darryl Shepard from Test Meat, who I wrote about last year (he's also been in Slapshot, Roadsaw, Milligram, and several other noteworthy acts). On top of that, the lineup also includes Craig Riggs from Roadsaw (and Antler, Sasquatch, etc.), with additional lineup ties to Elder, Rozamov, and a few others. That is to say: the members of Kind are some prolific motherfuckers!

The quartet just released their second album, Mental Nudge,  about a month ago, and it's a seven-song/44-minute masterpiece of doom-soaked stonery excellence that should absolutely appeal to fans of the mighty Goatsnake. Expect a cohesively diverse run, from moody and melodic cuts like "Helms" to the punishing dirge of "Trigger Happy." It's the destructo-boogie energy of tracks such as opener "Broken Tweaker" (my personal favorite), though, that really seals the deal. The production just rules, too. Almost laughably (in a good way) dense, the guitars just form a wall of massive, over-the-top fuzz perfection—and you can somehow still hear the bass!—plus sleek vocals, hefty and hard-hitting percussion... just stellar, truly.

Mental Nudge is available on CD or LP in the U.S. through the band or Ripple Music. Colored vinyl is gone, black vinyl is getting low, and the label's low on CDs, too. Kozmik Artifactz handled vinyl in Europe, where you can snag clear/blue marbled with orange/yellow splatter (limited to 200) or transparent orange (limited to 300).

Now, go forth, and ROCK...