Karma Never Forgives “Corrupt State” CD

Karma Never Forgives - Corrupt StateI had been wanting to get my hands on something from New Jersey's Karma Never Forgives for a long time, but had no idea that they actually had a self-released three-song CD EP available for sale already. (And have since last year!?) A random Google search last week informed me of its existence, so of course I ordered one immediately, and primarily for two crucial reasons:

1. Former members of Agents of Man!
2. Former members of Elements DEC!

The members have also been involved with For the Love Of..., I.D.K., Maximum Penalty, One 4 One, and a number of others, but I absolutely fucking love Agents of Man and Elements DEC. As many New Jersey bands as I flip out over, none are more important than Agents of Man and Elements DEC. (And Train of Thought, which, shit, I suppose one of these guys was in Train of Thought, too! There's crucial reason #3!) And let me tell you, Karma Never Forgives is already right up there with those bands on my flip out list, because all three of these songs absolutely rule, and quite honestly feel like a second coming of Agents of Man to me. They've got that same perfect blend of heavy, metallic hardcore and emphatic melodies with amazing vocals that can effortlessly shift from great singing and catchy choruses to more of a standard shouting/yelling or whatever. Killer riffs, memorable songwriting, I love every second of it. These cats need to get a full-length happening pronto. If Karma Never Forgives goes as criminally underappreciated as the other bands I've gushed about above, then I fucking quit. If people are too stupid (again) to realize how amazing this shit is, I just can't handle it. I don't get truly excited about "new" bands very often anymore, but I'm going crazy over this EP!

$7 might feel a tad steep for a three-song EP, but that includes shipping, and personally I'd have paid $10 without a second thought, because every song is gold and anything with former members of Agents of Man, Elements DEC, or Train of Thought is absolutely mandatory for me. I should've had this thing in my hands the day after it went up for sale!

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  1. Great shit! Elements DEC - awesome band! :)

    5.19.2011 | By Carlos

  2. YUCK!

    5.20.2011 | By Anonymous

  3. I’m not surprised that it’s not for everyone, but I love it.

    5.21.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  4. Great stuff as always from those guys, NJHC is where the musicianship is at ! Now they need to drop a proper release !

    Did you get your ear on Truth N Right by the way ? Members of TOT, AOM, Bulldoze, Crown Of Thornz ... and Eddie Sutton on the mic, real deal music. Only 3 tracks for now, great 7”, you can listen to it here :
    Once again, we need a real LP.

    By the way, do you think you could reupload the Elements DEC material ? I only got the song you posted on your 25 songs compilation and I would really like to rock the other songs at home.


    5.24.2011 | By Fred

  5. I actually like this KNF EP even better, but yeah, that Truth and Rights material is certainly solid, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from them as well!

    5.24.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  6. boring. stupid.

    5.25.2011 | By Anonymous 2

  7. Karma Never Forgives is one of the best new bands from the tri-state area..they need to play more [email protected] shows!

    5.27.2011 | By jamie