January’s “Mystery Grab Bag” is up…

The latest edition of the "Mystery Grab Bag" just went up over at Halifax Collect:

The Halifax Collect/Aversionline Mystery Grab Bag, Episode 3

This has got me half-thinking of "resurrecting" Aversionline next month, in yet another altered format that anyone may or may not give a shit about. Perhaps a "song of the day" (or every other day, or few days, or week) type of thing? I don't know. I'm also supposed to write about the Atlas Shrugged discography CD... if Trip Machine Laboratories ever opens their webstore back up!?


  1. Do it god dammit, just write anything about any music.

    1.22.2014 | By inhalexhale

  2. man, I always thought you will come back ;)

    1.23.2014 | By Anonymous

  3. Yes, do it!

    1.26.2014 | By Nick

  4. Please do it. Just don’t promise a certain volume of stuff per week. It only puts pressure on yourself. Real life trumps internet life!

    1.27.2014 | By Halifax Collect

  5. Whatever format comes up, with whatever frequency, it’s great to see some activity on this site again! Just don’t make a job out of it … haha.

    1.27.2014 | By zg

  6. Yes ! Do it ! You don’t have to update anything as regularly as you did, just something every week or couple weeks, but having followed that blog since 2005, I’d be more than happy to discover new music and bands through it again.


    1.29.2014 | By Fred


    2.6.2014 | By Joe B

  8. Just wanted to say that as a frequent Aversionline reader for a 5 to 6 year period in the early 2000s… thanks. As many readers pointed out in the comments of your 2012 “pause” blog post, I wish I hadn’t taken Aversionline for granted back in the day. I learned about so many great bands and albums from Aversionline that I never would have heard of otherwise it’s ridiculous. Never really commenting or saying thanks either, just takjng for granted that there was some awesome guy out there who magically served up well written and insightful
    reviews of amazing underground music on a silver platter. I just happened to throw on that Rash of Beatings 7” recently which led me back to your site. So I
    guess this is an EXTREMELY belated thanks for all the years of putting so much
    time and effort into Aversionline, and sorry for being such a selfish prick. If you
    start writing again, I will absolutely be reading. And this time I will comment…
    and maybe not wait 13 years to say thanks.

    2.8.2014 | By Paul Bonner