Ipecac: Bandcamp Blasts From the Past, Volume I

I should've gotten around to this sooner—I can't believe it's been almost a month since this set popped up on Bandcamp—but here we are, as I once more shrug it off with, "Better late than never..."

Anyway, for a few years during the early- to mid-'90s, Ipecac developed a truly unique brand of teeteringly warped metallic hardcore encircled by dissonant (but not amelodic) post-hardcore bordering on punked-up noise rock or something—topically sarcastic while bitterly, creatively political. My memory is terrible, but I believe I was first exposed to the band circa 1994 via a local comp CD called Dog and Pony Show, which also featured Richmond greats such as Dayspring and Four Walls Falling. The track was the excellent "Self-Detonating Nuclear Family," from the group's three-song 7", and I was a quick fan. "Aversion to Maturity"—from the same EP—has also been a longtime favorite.

This 11-song complete discography collection includes Ipecac's 1994 demo, the self-titled 7" on Fountainhead Records, a split 7" with Opposition on Figure Four Records (who have been so kind as to compile and host this collection—and lots of other goodies—on Bandcamp), one song from Ebullition's Amnesia compilation LP, plus a couple of super obscure and never-before-released demo cuts. As an added bonus, the download is totally packed with multiple PDFs containing photos, scans of all of the artwork and lyrics, and even sheet music and an activity book!?

So, if you're in the market for some quirkily atypical but also substantive '90s hardcore that falls more on the under-the-radar/unsung gems side of things, Ipecac is more than worth approximately 40 minutes of your time. Snag all the hits as a name your price download, with any funds going to the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund.