Integrity “Thee Destroy+ORR” CD

Integrity - Thee Destroy+ORRAnother gem from the increasingly prolific Integrity and Holy Terror Records, this collection offers up 12 tracks/40 minutes of music from the band's "Rob Orr era"; compiling the songs from the forthcoming "Detonate Worlds Plague" 12", the "We are the End" EP, the "7.17" compilation, and the splits with Rot in Hell and Creepout—plus a few other odds and ends that include a rather interesting 34-minute interview. Both the new and the previously released tracks herein highlight Integrity's recent turn towards a rawer, grittier take on the shorter, more explosive songwriting approach of the "Systems Overload" days, but there are also new occurrences of the experimentation present on "Humanity is the Devil"/"Seasons in the Size of Days" coming back into the fold as well, which is fucking perfect as far as I'm concerned. I don't want to imply that the band is repeating itself, as that's simply not the case, but it's undeniably cool to hear these suggestive connections to their past efforts. Among the more experimental pieces, "Sermon Thirteen" utilizes sampled (I think?) vocals over a combination of classic Integrity lead runs and a number of G.I.S.M.-like rhythms, while "We Have Helped Others Escape" actually brings back the old school Psywarfare approach—blending in samples of air raid sirens and obfuscated vocal effects with rugged, rumbling noise textures. Among the other tracks that I hadn't heard before are an acoustic instrumental take on "Waiting for the Sun (To Burn Out My Eyes)", and a true-to-form cover of Zouo's "No Power". The interview is equally awesome, touching on everything from the band's early history, inspiration, and creative process to tales of studio engineers being forced to tone down the harshness of the "Systems Overload" mix (against the band's wishes), among tons of other tidbits. Good stuff.

Integrity "Detonate Worlds Plague"

The disc is packaged in a slim cardboard slipcase covered in the band's patented use of gloss printing, and is available for just $6.66, so... you can't go wrong! Pre-orders for the "Detonate Worlds Plague" 12" also include "Thee Destroy+ORR" CD (not to mention the 12" on transparent purple vinyl, which will be limited to 250), so that's another option for you...

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