Inherit “s/t” 7”

Inherit - s/tFrom Reflections Records comes the debut release from London's Inherit. This four-song 7" unloads about 11-and-a-half minutes of top-notch metallic hardcore that leans heavily on the metal side and seems to be influenced by all of the classics (Cro-Mags, Leeway, etc.)—and no doubt some underrated gems as well. Expect super thick, crunchy, midpaced riffing alongside massive basslines and really unique vocals that have an interesting gruffness and texture that really helps the band stand apart. Killer songwriting, too. "Ritual of Disappearance" kicks things off with a 45-second intro laced with some raging solos, not to mention its surprisingly "catchy" chorus; "Desire to Grow" keeps things short but sweet and perhaps focuses a little more on the hardcore edge; and "Moment of Awareness" even starts out with some clean guitars and surprisingly melodic lead lines before diving right back into the chugging grooves. Plus, they close with an excellent cover of Zero Tolerance's "A Minute to Pray" (which is a great fit for Inherit's own approach), so... how can you lose!? Stylistically everything about this EP is right in line with the type of metallic hardcore that I go nuts over, so I'll certainly be looking forward to hearing more from this band as soon as possible. Awesome...

Limited to just 500 copies (400 on black and 100 on transparent red), the 7" is available for pre-order now and starts shipping in November.

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