Song of the Day: Incinerate, “Room 101,” from Back to Reality (Dead by Dawn Records, 2021)

Buske from An Attitude Exhumed mentioned Antwerp, Belgium death thrashers Incinerate on Instagram a week or two ago, and when I saw that the band classifies themselves as "for fans of Demolition Hammer, Malevolent Creation, Solstice, and old Sepultura," I knew I had to check them out. Let me tell you: they're not wrong. Back to Reality's nine tracks boast quite a few similarities to Epidemic of Violence era Demolition Hammer, and that's a very good thing. In fact, this is possibly the best such material I've heard from a contemporary band in the last 15 - 20 years. Strong songwriting, great production, everything about the release captures the classic aesthetic of this style in a manner that feels pretty fuckin' effortless.

The trio must have been carefully honing its sound for quite some time, as they apparently formed way back in 2007, didn't self-release their debut full-length until 2016, and then hooked up with Dead by Dawn Records for Back to Reality, which just hit the streets back in April. Grab the album from the label on CD, black vinyl, or red/yellow swirl vinyl; or direct from the group on Bandcamp, where they have all three variants plus digital. Streamin' types, find the tunes on Spotify.

And, no matter the format, prepare to bang your head like it's 1989 - 1992!