Incendiary/Unrestrained split 7”

Incendiary/Unrestrained - splitFrom Trip Machine Laboratories comes this killer split 7" between two current bands that are both heavily influenced by the 90's style of metallic hardcore. Long Island's Incendiary kicks things off with two tracks full of chunky rhythms, killer bass runs, and a solid sense of groove. The vocals are just a little higher-pitched than average, which gives 'em a really pissed off sound that always works. "Cold War" is my all-time favorite Incendiary tune, in fact. Good stuff. Unrestrained (Portland) then follows with two tracks of their own, which are in a more diverse vein that includes harsher vocals and more tempo changes. They still remind me of Harvest, and that's still a compliment. Expect heavy, churning riffs with a nice bass presence and plenty of discordant textures. "Deconstructing" just might be their best track to date, too. When all's said and done you've got four songs in about 13 minutes from two great bands that I'm definitely looking forward to hearing from again, and that's precisely what every good split should achieve. It's no secret that I'm a sucker for that's 90's era of hardcore, so of course I'm all over this!

Each 7" includes a download code and there are several different colors of vinyl still available. Both bands also have their tracks up on Bandcamp as name-your-price downloads, so... no excuses!

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Trip Machine Laboratories (7")
Per Koro Records (7")
RevHQ (7")
Bandcamp (Incendiary mp3's)
Bandcamp (Unrestrained mp3's)


  1. Love this split.  Incendiary are a great band but the Unrestrained stuff I love.  Like you said some Harvest going on, but also maybe some Unbroken/Mean Season kind of tension in there as well, but less pretentious.  One of the few bands doing the 90’s thing (Deathbed is another) right.

    11.4.2011 | By Johnny

  2. Incendiary is a great band. One of the best bands currently doing this style. Their full-length Crusade is also very good!

    11.7.2011 | By Anonymous

  3. I definitely agree that the material here is outstanding… I actually hadn’t heard of Unrestrained before, pretty impressive stuff and Incendiary’s Crusade LP speaks for itself. But I’m more curious about the comparisons to Harvest. I’ve always wanted to check them out but don’t really know where to look… is it just me or is it difficult to find info on them? Anybody wanna steer me in the right direction?

    11.12.2011 | By Marcus

  4. I think Harvest’s “Living With a God Complex” album is really hard to find these days, but the “Transitions” collection is available digitally:

    They also have a new EP that came out this year called “Years of Defiance. Years of Disgust.”, which is also available digitally:

    11.13.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  5. Thanks much, man—I’ll get to checking these out.

    11.13.2011 | By Marcus