Song of the Day: Honor Role, “My Place,” from The Pretty Song (Eskimo/No Core, 1986)

Honor Role remains a fairly legendary name around my hometown of Richmond, VA, but as is often the case I was an incredibly late arrival to their fanclub. In my defense, they did break up before I was a teenager, though I also have a tendency to just not check things out until I'm good 'n' damn ready. Even still, it was several years after I picked up their 1997 Merge Records-released semi-discography CD that my ears really started to connect the dots on their wonderfully unique, often dark and moody, hardcore/punk-informed alternative post-punk brilliance. "My Place" was the track that truly flipped the switch and woke me up, too.

It does a far better job than I ever could, so check out this succinct yet well-written and informative write-up on Honor Role over at Trouser Press. You can stream Album—the aforementioned semi-discography collection—on Bandcamp, where it's (surprisingly) also available for purchase on CD, should you (wisely) so choose...