Song of the Day: Holy Figures, “Beatrice,” from Luck of the Draw (New Morality Zine, 2021)

I was hipped to North Carolina trio Holy Figures last week when a tip-swapping social media pal of mine recommended I check 'em out. It took less than a minute for me to reach the point of, "Yep, I'll buy this!" Not unlike Anxious Arms, Cruelty of the Heavens, and other such bands that I've raved about over the past few years, Holy Figures' debut EP, Luck of the Draw, impressively melds surprisingly heavy, grungy, catchy sounds with dashes of that shoegaze-y/post-hardcore type of shimmer and a few droned-out vocal passages that bring the Deftones to mind. I'm stumbling onto more and more acts of this specific nature where the ingredients are familiar, but they're being combined and regenerated in an interesting manner that you just can't pin down into any singular pigeonhole, and—especially at this level of quality—I'm all about it!

In terms of physical copies, 8" lathe-cuts sold out extremely quickly, but you can still pick up a cassette (limited to either 25 or 50, I've seen both numbers referenced out there) that comes with a custom set of tarot cards—one per track. It's also a name your price download on Bandcamp, and there's Spotify for those who dare.

I've already encountered a stunning amount of great music less than two weeks into 2021, but Luck of the Draw has been the first release to really pique my interest. Looking forward to hearing more from Holy Figures when the time comes...