Song of the Day: Hewolf, “Filthy Heartbeat,” from Live for Minimum Wage! (Self-Released, 2018)

If you missed my first write-up on Richmond, VA's Hewolf back in September, the band features former members of Alabama Thunderpussy, Darkest Hour, Iron Reagan, and Joyburner (among others), and seems to be crankin' along at a solid pace, 'cause they've already got another five-song EP in the can!

As you'll hear in "Filthy Heartbeat" above, Live for Minimum Wage! finds the trio's increasingly diverse brand of sludgy, gritty-yet-melodic punk rock 'n' roll infused with a certain post-hardcore dissonance, and this just might be my favorite of their tracks to date. As a whole, they're definitely cobbling assorted influences into their own unique sound that really can't be forced into any singular genre.

Not unlike their self-titled EP, this outing boasts a ruggedly natural recording and a considerate mix where every element plays a key role. Beyond the excellent vocals, sometimes guitar leans left and bass leans right for added separation and emphasis, which also highlights some pretty badass drumming—hard-hitting and with the type of slick cymbal work that tends to grab my attention (notably amidst the excellently-titled "Bon Scott Rollercoaster").

Live for Minimum Wage! Is currently available as a name your price download, and while they don't appear to be for sale online, pro-pressed CD-R copies of both Hewolf EPs do exist, so... if you're interested, I bet they'd work something out with you if you get in touch!