Review: Hell of Self, Hell of Self (The Coming Strife, 2019)

Hailing from Massachusetts, Hell of Self is another excellent new band that I recently looked up after Edwin from the One Path for Me Through Destiny blog mentioned 'em on Instagram. This three-song, six-minute outing marks the project's debut, and basically sounds like the perfect fusion of Forever War-era Kickback with As Real As it Gets-era Sworn Enemy—tossing in the faintest dash of modern-sounding discordance here and there.

That being said, this is probably gonna be the shortest "review" I ever write, 'cause... what more do you need!? Furiously bleak lyrics, killer production... it's pretty flawless.

Apparently the material came out on cassette via U.K. label The Coming Strife Records, but it was limited to like 30 copies and already sold out. Hopefully that means we'll be hearing more from this act in the near future...?

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