Goldust/Evenworse split 12”

Goldust/Evenworse - splitFrom Final Exit Records comes this 20-minute split between German acts Goldust and Evenworse. Goldust kicks things off with two tracks of their brand of dark, 90's-styled metallic hardcore, and much like the "Noir" 7", these songs are a little more energetic and in your face. While the band has been branching out a bit on recent outings, this material keeps things very straightforward and focused, and I've got no complaints there. Very solid. They close with a six-minute cover of Evenworse's "I Eat Your Fucking Face Off", which basically caves into about four minutes of noisy guitar leads and chaotic samples over a plodding, repetitious rhythm. Didn't see that coming at all! Evenworse, who I don't believe I'd heard prior to this, then follows with four originals driven by hammering basslines and moderately fast-paced hardcore that's kind of a mix of old school breaks with some powerviolence density/attitude. They similarly end with a cover of Goldust's "Speaking Tongues", which they morph into their own style quite well. I wasn't sure I was gonna care for this band since I'm not particularly fond of the more sarcastic tone of their lyrics, but this is a very solid split when all is said and done.

Goldust "Nachtmare"
Evenworse "Shitstorm"

I don't see this around in many distros yet, but you can pick it up from the label's online store, and I bet the bands have copies as well if you contact them via the above MySpace links...

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  1. In browser Safari where you have the most visited pages (top pages first page when you start it,of course Aversionline is amongst them ;) ) you see only minimized part of the page. So I thought you are reviewing the latest Coalesce album. Although I’m not very fond of splits in general this one is quite interesting. And Evenworse is great name for band on split! hahaha

    2.3.2010 | By Carlos

  2. we uploaded a new song called “Passage” from the new full-length cd/lp

    check it out here.

    thanks andrew for the support.

    2.9.2010 | By Lifer