Gevurah, “Crowned With Smoke and Fire...,” from Negate Everything (Negate Everything, 2017)

U.K. label Negate Everything recently dropped a new compilation/sampler on Bandcamp (physical copies are going to be thrown in with future orders when you pick up any of their cassettes) featuring solid cuts from Baron Soil, Altar of Scum, Shinobi (one of my favorite new bands), and many others. Of special interest to me, however, is the presence of three brand new tracks (in one three-minute blast) from Gevurah—"Crowned With Smoke and Fire, "Subjugation," and "Devoid of Empathy"—who I first wrote about two years ago.

Once more, I'd have to say that Gevurah seems pretty mandatory for fans of (The Infamous) Gehenna and that particular style of unhinged savagery—also a great fit alongside other Negate Everything acts such as Annihilust and Cease to Exist. These tracks are crisper and a touch thinner—so I do find myself wanting to hear some bass in there—but no less ferociously antagonistic, to say the least.

Curious listeners can grab the entire 19-song collection for free through Bandcamp. For the most part, it's an array of generally harsh, challenging sounds—not for everyone, but there are indeed some gems to be found!