Fuck the Facts “Die Miserable” CD/LP/Cassette

Fuck the Facts - Die Miserable"Die Miserable" is the latest from Canadian grinders Fuck the Facts (on Relapse Records), and if the Encyclopaedia Metallum is to be believed, this is their ninth full-length!? Their complete discography is absolutely massive, so I'm not entirely surprised that I haven't really kept up with the band since 2004. But that was obviously a mistake, 'cause they've come a hell of a long way. This is a heavier, more serious, and more focused band than the Fuck the Facts I vaguely recall from the early-2000's—which results in an equally more interesting and more powerful band. While at its core relentless death/grind, the band works with a wide range of influences that they're able to morph into a diverse yet cohesive form admirably well. The recording feels pretty dry, but it still comes across as really heavy, and I actually feel like the production values are a significant part of what makes this material so damn cool. The recording creates an interesting texture and tonality that really lets some of the more dissonant riffs shine, and adds a lot of overall character to the compositions. Most of the tracks do tend to be dominated by high-speed, high-energy blasts of chaotically grinding fury, but the middle of the album especially delves into some of the more diverse territory. The 7+ minute "Census Blank" begins with sort of a sludgy/rocked out run that fuses into this weird, almost "post-rock" sounding amalgamation of hammer-ons/pull-offs and droning notes/chords that later breaks down into a more spacious and angular take on the same approach; "Alone" turns soft, somber clean passages into plodding, doomy rhythms and hyper bursts; while the concise title track consists of little more than distant, guttural vocals over looped feedback textures with a few sparse chords. But really, even when they're going for the throat with a completely relentless attack, it's not very straightforward. The intense tremolo picking and furious pacing is always peppered with surges of feedback/noise, warped dissonance, a little more breathing room, etc. I don't know if it's consistently weird phrasings/note choices, the curiosities of the recording, or all of the above, but there's just something about the vibe here that's really different and unusual. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's awesome, whatever it is. I think this write-up probably sucks because I likely need more time to wrap my head around this, but... it's really, really good. Looks like I've got some catching up to do...

And speaking of an absolutely massive discography, it looks like there are a bunch of iTunes-only exclusive bonus tracks available for "Die Miserable" as well... not to mention the fact that the band has also released a companion EP, "Misery", which includes B-sides from the album as well as collaboration tracks, etc. Insane!

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  1. This album has been ripping my face off for the last week or so!  Absolutely killer stuff!

    10.25.2011 | By Anonymous

  2. Great shit! There is never enough of good grindcore! :)

    10.31.2011 | By Carlos

  3. What a great band. We get to see them often in Toronto and it’s always really good and exciting.

    11.12.2011 | By Regan