Song of the Day: From the Moon, “Bury the Truth” (Self-Released, 2020)

From the Moon is yet another obscure band that I know very little about. They're a trio from Örebro, Sweden and have released two songs in the last few years, but have seemingly been active—at their own modest pace—for a total of around five years now. The group describes their approach as taking influence from "the mid-2000s hardcore scene, while trying to make something new and exciting with the sound."

Their latest track, "Bury the Truth," showed up on Bandcamp just a few weeks ago, and definitely brings to mind Killing the Dream and bands of that nature. After wracking my brain for about a half-hour, I realized that it actually reminds me a lot of a Portuguese outfit called Devil in Me, too. Hell, in some ways, I can even hear some stripped down and less technical Propagandhi in there, but the general vibe is just high-quality, energetic, melodic hardcore with some truly impassioned vocal intensity.

From the Moon has apparently tossed around the idea of working on an EP in 2021, so I certainly hope we won't have to wait another couple of years for some new material. There's a lot of promise to be found here. For now, if you prefer streaming elsewhere, find the tune on Spotify or YouTube.