Song of the Day: Forced Neglect, “Bloodspiller,” from Need to Feed (Self-Released, 2019)

A friend texted me a link to Forced Neglect's debut EP, Need to Feed, last night, and my immediate response was, "Whoa!" Now that I'm sitting here giving the tracks a proper spin in headphones, I'm even thinking, "Damn, this could be the next Power Trip." I can't speak to their work ethic, but at least in terms of their crisp 'n' crunchy take on contemporary thrash metal with dashes of melody and a few early Leeway vibes for some of that crossover zeal, that's where it's at. 100%.

I don't know who they recorded with or anything—in fact, I don't really know shit about the band at all, other than that they're from Birmingham, AL. Whatever the case, they rip through five songs in just 13 minutes, the production sounds great, the energy's there, solid logo, cool artwork... yeah. These cats are onto something. It'll be curious to see where they land with this. I'm impressed.

Need to Feed is a free download on Bandcamp, or you can stream it through Spotify (etc.) if that's your jam.