Exhumed “All Guts, No Glory” CD/2xCD/LP

Exhumed - All Guts, No GloryFor some idiotic reason I had forgotten how much I love Exhumed, but their latest, "All Guts, No Glory" (once more from Relapse Records), provided a firm reminder within seconds of its opening track. Including this album, I have over 100 different Exhumed tracks on my iPod, and in my younger days I collected a number of obscure selections from the ranks of their massive discography, too. I don't exactly know what it is about a band that basically turned the whole "Carcass worship" thing into a bona fide genre, but I definitely latched onto Exhumed at some point in the 90's and became a huge fan. This album proves without question that the band is still capable of cranking out "Symphonies of Sickness"-esque tunes with more energy, tighter musicianship, and better production. And, dare I say, "All Guts, No Glory" just might be the band's best album yet. I mean, this thing is just crammed with fucking excellent songwriting. It never lets up. It's got everything you'd expect based on the band's history: Raging speeds, meaty riffs, slick melodic leads, an assortment of midrange snarls and guttural growls, etc. But whereas so many "gore grind" albums are just an indecipherable mishmash of interchangeable songs, Exhumed really developed over time, and this record perfectly demonstrates that fact. Not that Exhumed is "diverse" per se, but they're really able to inject catchy and memorable songwriting elements into one of the most stripped down and primal corners of death metal. And that pays off huge here. The energy level maintained throughout the entirety of this album is most impressive. I'm just blown away. The production is damn near perfect, too. I'm sure there are some listeners that would prefer a little more of a "brutal" rawness, but... it's crisp and warm without coming across as "polished" or anything like that, so I think this is the most efficient and balanced Exhumed has ever sounded. It's so good... I'm all over this!

It looks like the vinyl is already sold out, but you can still grab both versions of the CD. The bonus tracks are available on iTunes, too, which is an awesome touch. There are four additional new tunes plus re-recorded versions of mid-period classics "Necromaniac" and "Forged in Fire (Formed in Flame)". Awesome.

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  1. I had also forgotten about my love for Exhumed then I wound up catching them with Macabre and Withered a couple months back… holy fuck they are good live.

    It just occurred to me I started reading your old site when I was still in highschool… I turned thirty yesterday…. that’s some fucking staying power!

    Keep it up.

    11.10.2011 | By Moz

  2. Thanks for hanging around so long!  I’m trying to do what I can to keep it going…

    11.10.2011 | By Andrew Aversionline

  3. I’m not much familiar with band previous efforts. The last album I listened was Anatomy is Destiny and this was quite some time ago. But that album has one of the best intros ever.

    Several days ago (or weeks, time is running too fast…) I read review about this album and author highly recommended it. But until your review I didn’t take time to actually listen it and I must say that first impressions is quite good. :)

    11.10.2011 | By Carlos

  4. Listened to it and bought it immediately. Thanks for the review.

    You’re rigth about the production, it’s modern but still crisp and warn it even has fairly natural sounding drums.

    11.12.2011 | By MaxR

  5. Never heard Exhumed before, but I got taken in by the album title. This shit kills.

    11.12.2011 | By Gabe

  6. Never been a massive fan of the band (Slaughtercult had the riffs but the production just winds me up), but this album is awesome. Same thing goes for Deceased thinking about. The new album Surreal Overdose is superb.

    11.22.2011 | By Lal