Envision “s/t” 12”

Envision - s/tIt took some time, but Bellingham, WA's Envision has finally followed up their promising 2009 demo with this self-released, self-titled EP. Offered up are seven songs in about 20 minutes that continue to explore that 90's style of metallic hardcore via chugging midpaced rhythms, discordant metal riffs, harmonics, etc. They're definitely working with a wider range of dynamics this time out, though. In addition to the harsh screams there are a number of passages where slightly more toned down vocal performances take shape, and musically there's a good deal more melody present—not to mention a number of flowing clean passages (largely present during the three instrumental tracks that appear throughout). At times the softer side of the material can start to flirt with atmospheres typically characterized as "post-" something-or-other, which actually brings a more contemporary edge to the material, but when fused with that core foundation of plodding heaviness, the balance works out quite nicely. As usual I'm left looking forward to hearing more, and curious as to where the band will go with these new developments...

Envision "Combray"

The 12" is available directly from the band in two colors—50 copies on "root beer-ish" clear brown vinyl, and 350 on black. If you like what you hear, you know what to do...

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  1. This band is one of the best current hardcore bands. They dont sound like anyone else and the songwriting is great. Not to mention they are really good live. But most people wont ever see them because they dont play outside of the NW.  To me they sound like Disembodied meets Threadbare.

    7.13.2011 | By mike