Enforcers, End of Time (A389 Recordings, 2012)

From A389 Recordings comes "End of Time", the debut EP from Montreal, Canada's Enforcers (featuring former members of A Death for Every Sin and Final Word). Expect six tracks of unstoppable metallic hardcore that seems to be highly influenced by the late-80's/early-90's golden age of NYHC. Gruff vocals over chugging midpaced rhythms, fast-paced power chords and thrashy picking patterns, a few flashy leads and the occasional clean break, etc. The finest moments kind of come across with a "Best Wishes" meets "Urban Discipline" kind of vibe (and obviously that's fuckin' great), with a more straightforward and modern vocal approach, and of course contemporary-styled production values, too. Everything's clean and crisp, with super crunchy guitars and an absolutely massive bass tone. Good stuff. As with many bands of this nature they're clearly not trying to break new ground, but if you can nail the formula this well and so effectively capture such a classic sound, there's no reason to potentially fuck it up with experimentation or outside influences. I'm sold.

If for whatever reason you're not interested in a physical copy, it's just $2.50 for mp3's from the label, so... get to it.

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  1. There really isn’t anything bad coming out of the A389 camp, is there? But while this is solid, to me it’s not rising to the level of the big Finnish bands of the past ten years, who clearly hold the crown for this sort of metallic hardcore. And I’d rather listen to By My Hands, too, for that matter—I didn’t comment on that one, but dude, I hadn’t heard of those dudes before the post a few weeks ago and that shit is for real. I checked out their last full-length after seeing that the new shit hadn’t dropped yet and it’s fucking phenomenal.

    1.31.2012 | By Marcus

  2. Great song!

    2.2.2012 | By Carlos