Elizabeth Herz, “Easter Island,” from Elizabeth Herz (Old Glory, 1991)

I finally picked up a copy of this fantastic 7" a few months back after Elizabeth Herz had captured my interest years ago when I checked out the God's Chosen People compilation through some blog, where "Easter Island"—from the band's lone self-titled EP—appears alongside contributions from Avail, Native Nod, Born Against, and many more. The early- to mid-'90s were such a cool time for this particular style of hardcore that was as constantly melodic as it was metallic—neither to the point of being "metalcore" nor emo, per se. I only wish I had grabbed this EP sooner, as its creative musicianship and high-energy songwriting check all the boxes for me.

All the more impressive that Elizabeth Herz was simply a duo of vocalist "Adam Jasin" (i.e. Device vocalist Adam Thompson) and multi-instrumentalist Nathan Camfiord (also a member of the comparable and similarly underrated Groove., Device, and several other obscure projects apparently). Digging around for information to throw this piece together, I learned that Camfiord tragically passed away back in 2015 at the age of 43. After moving on from music he had become a volunteer firefighter and paramedic, a counselor, a foster parent... I've been enjoying a good chunk of his musical output for many years and had no idea. It seems as though he made an impact on many lives through far, far more than music alone. R.I.P.

You can buy this 7" for dirt cheap, and I highly recommend doing so. It's awesome.