Song of the Day: Eastwood, “Anthropozentrische Kackscheiße,” from Antibiose (Lixiviat/No Time/etc., 2021)

Not unlike Bas Rotten last year, Eastwood is another amazing D.I.Y. grindcore unit (this time from Germany and France) that has just released one hell of an album—Antibiose—in cooperation with a bunch of different international labels such as Lixiviat Records (France), No Time Records (U.S.), Abekeit Records (Germany), Hackebeil Records (Germany), and Coxinha Records (Germany). They've been around since 2012 and this is their first full-length, recorded over the course of two years in various locations, so they're really not joking about their "Play Fast, Work Slow" tagline. The LP rips and tears through 17 songs in just 21 minutes, and somehow manages to sound both very good and quite cohesive given the circumstances of the recording process!

The band cites their work as being for fans of Wormrot, Magrudergrind, Nasum, Discordance Axis, and Gridlink, and I'm definitely picking up on some Nasum-isms in the best way. This is ferociously fast, blisteringly tight, and concisely powerful material that tends to take an "all go/no slow" type of approach, but tosses in just enough variety and churning tempo breaks to remain intense and in-your-face without feeling overly relentless or boring. Shit, there's really no time for that, anyway!

Just take a few tracks for a spin and hear for yourself! Then, pick up a physical copy while you still can, as they seem to be selling quickly. Black vinyl is still available from the band and Lixiviat Records, No Time Records also has black and white smoke vinyl and cassettes, and Hackebeil Records is selling black vinyl through Discogs. I'm not finding the album on Spotify, and I'm cool with that, 'cause streaming sucks...