Dmize “Backlash” CD

Dmize - BacklashI've been on a big NYHC kick lately, so back to New York we go, and oh man, if ever there was a band that needed to stick around longer and do a little more damage, it was fuckin' Dmize. It seems like a lot of people have never actually heard Dmize, but along with Madball (whose bassist Hoya was actually in Dmize prior to joining Madball) Dmize was one of the first bands to really push the whole DMS angle (it's the title and the first thing they all shout during the intro on their first demo, for example)—and damn were they great at what they did. Please note that I've edited the hell out of this post as one of the band's former vocalists, Chiqui Rodriguez, has posted a comment and gotten in touch with me via email with some corrections and additional information about the band.

Anyway, first off, the Lost & Found Records CD release called "Backlash" is a bootleg, and it contains a lot of false information. The band recorded three demos, not two, and all of the songs are included on the bootleg, but several of the track titles are wrong and the demos do not appear in chronological order. The first two demos were recorded in 1990 with Don Fury, but the final demo was tracked in 1992 at Wildefire Studios in New Jersey. The band's first lineup was Ray (vocals), Hoya (bass), Beto (guitar), and Richie (drums). It's actually Richie whose head appears under the "Backlash" CD tray with "Dmize" shaved into the back. Their final lineup was Chiqui (vocals), Hoya (bass), Beto (guitar), Steve Petit (guitar), and Jon Rosado (drums). Dmize played their final set opening for Agnostic Front's initial farewell show. Hoya of course later joined Madball, while Beto (a.k.a. Rob Rosario) went on to a stint with 25 ta Life and later did some time with Madball as well. The entire recorded output of Dmize is as follows:

Demo 1: "DMS", "Backlash", "Feeling Inside", "Nation", "Us Against the World", "No Way Out"
Demo 2: "From Reality", "Trapped", "Short End"
Demo 3 (the final recording session): "Soul Search", "The Dawn", "Mizery"

As one might expect for the time period, the band's style was hard as nails hardcore with just a hint of a crossover edge to the first demo—somewhat comparable to a few of Agnostic Front's earlier metallic flirtations on a musical level. But then the later demos brought with them longer songs and a heavier, more thrash influenced approach (without abandoning the band's true sound)—perfectly exemplified in "Soul Search", which is an outright fucking classic. Trust me, if Dmize had become a little more known, this song probably would've been covered a million times by now, alongside "Backlash" from the first demo, which is another surefire keeper. I can only imagine how awesome a full-length from these guys would've been had they continued on. In fact, I believe "Soul Search" was the only Dmize song that was officially released, probably posthumously, as it appeared on the original "East Coast Assault" compilation. Here are a handful of songs from the three demos:

Dmize "DMS"
Dmize "Backlash"
Dmize "Soul Search"
Dmize "Trapped"

Read the comments for a few other Dmize tidbits. The "Backlash" CD always seemed insanely hard to come by, but I lucked out and scored a copy in a used bin for $5 maybe four years ago or something like that, but I've never seen another one since... not even on eBay (where "Dmize" is a popular search tag). But keep trying, maybe one will turn up someday.

Also, Chiqui would like to see some video footage of any of Dmize's later shows if anyone out there has recordings that they could share or get their hands on. Hit him up at [email protected] if you can lend a hand on that, it would be greatly appreciated, I'm sure.


  1. Bato was later in 25 ta Life + Madball if I remember correctly.

    9.5.2005 | By bw

  2. WTF is DMS?

    9.5.2005 | By jigsaw

  3. Yeah bato played on the first couple 25 Ta life CDeps which were all amazing and you can tell it was his guitar work.  I saw him with Madball before as well, not sure if he recorded with them or not.  Did he play on “Hold It Down”?  i dont have the CD in front of me.  any, i was lucky enough to get the DMIZE cd in the mid nineties after i heard the East Coast Assault track but Lost and Found stuff wasn’t as rare then, the best is the picture behind the CD of someone with DMS shaved into their sweet fade.

    9.5.2005 | By EMS

  4. As far as I know Beto never recorded with Madball.  I just checked all the CD’s and he’s not credited in any of the recording lineups (Rob Rosario played on “Hold it Down”).  I did vaguely remember thinking he was in 25 ta Life early on but I was never really into them and couldn’t verify that since I don’t own any of their stuff (though I’ve actually been trying to grab some of those early EP’s in recent months).  Both of the vocalists on those Dmize demos kick ass so I’d love to know if either of those guys had ever done other bands.

    9.5.2005 | By Andrew Aversionline

  5. Chiqui Rodriguez was the second vocalist - I know this dude, he lives here in the Tampa Bay area now. I used to work with him up until a few weeks ago. (He’s actually a reader of yours at least occasionally Andrew, so maybe he’ll drop a line). That L&F CD was not “official”, at least not as far as he is aware (or anyone else he still talks to). He didn’t do any other bands after that, but I can’t speak to the rest of the cats…

    I have 2 or 3 other songs that were recorded with Chiqui as well if you’re interested…

    9.6.2005 | By Scott

  6. This is Chiqui thanks for the old school props, Rob Rosario is Beto. We recorded the first two demos with Don fury. there was a later recording that was done out in NJ at Wildefire studios later in 90 that included Soul Search, the Dawn and Mizery a brief synopsis of what was going on with DMS at the time. We started to get blacklisted for shows because of all the fights that would transpire during our shows. Hoya was already playing with Madball at the time, and our sick 17 year old drummer, jon yeah 17 on SOul search wanted to play punk (Johnny Kray of thr Krays)typical NYHC band, didn’t know what they had when they had it.thanks.

    9.6.2005 | By Anonymous

  7. DMS started out as a NYC street gang and stood for any of the following, depending on the mood these sick fuckers were into:

    Doc Martin Skinheads
    Drugs, Money, and Sex
    Dropping Meny Suckers

    I went to two of there CB’s shows and remember always being intimidated by the crew that would roll up with them.  I’m not sure if they all knew each other, but everyone would be yelling DMS.  They were awesome live, led by the singer Chiqui and the drummer Riche, who were all over the place.

    9.6.2005 | By Anonymous

  8. I went to high school with Beto and he was always a cool dude. DMIZE are legends in my old neighborhood, Elmhurst, Queens.


    9.7.2005 | By carlosNYC

  9. This is Richie…thanks for the shoutouts…the third demo was recorded in ‘92 not ‘90…it was a great time and we still keep in touch with each other.  We are still family and I actually call Hoya’s mother “Ma” and talk to her on a monthly basis.  While I loved those times, for me personally I’m glad I moved on, as I work for Universal Music on the executive side of things now…anyone from the old school drop me a line at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    9.9.2005 | By Anonymous

  10. Dmize kicks ass for sure. Never got the respect it was due.
    Got the 2 firts demos and the cd. Still play it regularly after all these eyears. Some tunes just never get out of fashion. But then again ‘fashion’ should never be linked to ‘music’.

    Rich - I’m dropping ya a line.
    Andrew - keep up your amazing work with aversiononline

    9.9.2005 | By Anonymous

  11. ladies just to let you all know that johnny kray the drummer for dmize is now the singer/guitar player for the krays, wanna hear what they sound like? go to also he was the bass player for the casualties on their second album “underground army” and he played drums for roger miret and the disasters on their first album. basically this mo fo is an all star but by far the krays are the best band he has been in. check it out for yourself at the link above.

    9.14.2005 | By Anonymous

  12. This is ray , vocals(first demo) in the original line up of Dmize. I don’t have any interesting facts to note other than NYC was crazy then. It’s amazing to see interest in the band 16 years later, and see it pop up in all languages on a google search( even if I can’t read it!) It wasn’t just music to anyone then. The L.E.S. was the world. Sadly, a lot of people(kids really) just didn’t survive the L.E.S., DMS or not. It was a crazy, dangerous, amazing time to be a kid in New York City. And no one wore flip flops outside the house(except Hoya!)

    9.18.2005 | By Anonymous

  13. yo if anyone knows beto tell him his boy dan from walgreens was wondering what happened to him have him email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    9.29.2005 | By Anonymous

  14. yo, i’m just another hardcore kid from europe (holland). I think the reason why dmize is still populair these days is because of the live track on ball of destruction. Freddy prenounces about an upcoming show (AF last U.S show ever) Merauder, Dmize, Warzone, rejuvenate, cold as life etc. that’s when I heard about them. I must admit I was never be able to buy ‘backlash’ anywere. so i just copyd it. but anyway. It still kicks ass, and the guitar solos are very SICK!

    12.13.2005 | By Anonymous

  15. this Ed. i sanged for the best NYHC band OT occupied teritory. dmize was good but we were the originals DMS.

    1.20.2006 | By Anonymous

  16. Hey guys this is Beto AKA ROB ROSARIO AKA ANIMAL, Thanks for all the props DMIZE was and will always be in my eyes the best band I’ve ever played in.  I wish it would’ve lasted longer but all good things end too soon. Playing in a band with these guys was the best time of my life & it was also the birth of Corona/Jackson Heights Groove Metal HAHA. Maybe someday we can do it again guys? Till then I’ll keep practicing & waiting for the day.

    1.26.2006 | By Anonymous

  17. I fell in love with a boy named Jere…

    1.26.2006 | By Anonymous

  18. Jere you picking up girls on this board?  HAHA

    2.3.2006 | By Anonymous

  19. fucking a! i love the fact that people still remember these bands.  yea those days were fucked up some of these guys i have not seen or heard of in years some i run into all the time.  either way i think there should be a legit cd put out with all of DMize’s shit.

    and fuckin GYRO! find the old OT shit and lets get that released as well.  that truly was the start of DMS right there. 

    well for those that know me and want to get in touch here you go

    Allvarez DMS   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    2.12.2006 | By AL

  20. Karla Guy in da houze!!!!!!!

    5.17.2006 | By Anonymous

  21. So I heard once upon a long time ago in a city not too far away from yesterday-a girl I once knew in a story that has become a long memory said one evening on a not so hot Az. summer that DMS meant…Don’t Mean Shit!
    I’m sure Jere/Ray whatever he prefers to be called these days…remembers it all.

    7.6.2006 | By Karla Guy

  22. To the loving memory of Karen Ritucci 1991…“wake me up when September ends…”

    9.20.2006 | By Anonymous

  23. I have this cd, I lost & found it in Serbija, Belgrade, the Capital city of ex Yugoslavia that US Army bombed few years back, and I gotta tell ya that it’s worldwide appreciated. warmhearted chears to all ya “DMS” goodfellas and it would be nice if someone can drop me the rest of the lyrics that are not included on this release. By the way Lost & Found Rec. are Rip off fuckers that on one hand helped spread the US hcpunk scene in Europe, and on the other made a lot of bootleg releases without even contacting the bands like in these case and on this foundation they made their mayor label and all of these records are now sold out, out of reach. It’s good if someone can re-release it, and you don’t have to conntact them, cause there is no one sane behind the L&F Rec. now. I hope someone like MadAtTheWorld will put this out on lp and with more info on the cover sheet. Shit, Dmize is perfect street nyhc spirit. Raw for Life.

    11.13.2006 | By Anonymous

  24. aaaaa, the e-mail for the liricsheet i forgot to add is:
    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    11.13.2006 | By Anonymous

  25. DMS-don’t mean shit

    3.7.2007 | By Karla Guy

  26. Hello Ray-

    Just thought I would let you know that I never forget about growing up in Jackson Heights and fucking around on the train tracks with TTK.  Hope you are doing well, and tell Lisa I said Hi.  I miss you bro.  Bryant M. IS 145

    4.6.2007 | By Bryant (EKO TTK/OTA/DMS/AZA

  27. This is Ray- yeah you read it right. The other Ray. Jere’s right hand man. My brother from another mother. Chiqui, Bryant what’s going on fellas?? Ed. Holy shit man! Wow! I’m in awe as I type this.

    And Ray my “other half”. How many times did we here that? Hope this message finds all of my Jackson heights crew well.  Something recently got into me and I started researching the good ol days. And look it here. A lot of memories. As Ray stated. NY was nuts back then. And o the stories we could share. I would definitely like to hear from the boys.

    Oh yeah Jere! Still have my Minor Threat Vinyl! Collectors edition along with the rest of my collection. Do you remember H.Y.O. Short lived but I’m glad to see DMIZE accomplished so much.

    Hit me up Ray, chiqui,Bryant. Which ever of the Jackson heights crew.

    .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

    It would be great to hear from you guys!

    12.24.2008 | By Ray

  28. I met Jere, Chiqui, Rich and all of those crazy mother fuckers when I was sixteen and they changed my life. Great people and I still love them all. Great times. P.S. 145 crew forever.

    11.21.2009 | By James Unite

  29. Hey I was in a band Resistence in those days, and we had the fortunate luck of playing beside demize on a few occasions, as well as watching them rehearse, down in Woodside at the studio. Let me tell you when I listen to the tracks, memories come back ten fold. I say they come back a show or two and see what turns out. DMS rock…

    1.27.2010 | By Crazy Dave Gonzalez

  30. What happened to Steve Petit? He was a great axe.

    4.11.2010 | By Yo

  31. In loving memory, Karen Ritucci 1991…the world has never been the same, “enjoy the silence,,,”

    1.29.2013 | By Jacqueline

  32. I just came across this CD. Needless to say, it brought back a lot of memories. While I never made it to a show. I was around for a number of practice sessions and have some photos somewhere. Chiqui, Ray and Richie were all great guys. This makes me miss the days of hanging out at P.S. 145 in Jackson Heights.

    7.29.2015 | By James

  33. Yo I’m from England and Iv been looking for a physical dmize release for a while with no luck, if anyone’s got the lyrics or info where I can grab a physical copy please email me!!! .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    Great reading this thread and seeing some OG’s share some facts.

    12.13.2015 | By Anonymous

  34. ——————————————————————————————————————-


    Feel the pain of revenge so sweet
    suffer the agony of a destined defeat
    backlash, since from your past
    caught up to you, you will pay at last

    Counting the days, searching for years
    looking forward to that moment of fear
    plotting and scheming nothing could replace
    final moments that look on your face

    Backlash, face the facts
    caught up to you and there is no
    turning back



    Time has come to face the facts
    about our country and what it lacks
    we do home homeless, do have crack
    the answer is not anarchy and burning flags

    Politics and crime are working hand in hand
    and yes there is chaos throughout the land
    so stop a second and think about it
    if you have anarchy you wouldn’t have shit

    Our country is the best in the world
    that is why I’m proud when the flag is
    unfurled people like you make me sick
    don’t take advantage what your country has
    to give


    Feeling inside

    Anger, frustration, filled with hate
    feeling inside which you can’t equate

    Nothing in life is ever free
    nothing in life was ever given to me
    have to earn what little you got
    never have time to what I want

    Now you think you’re gonna take it away
    better step back because things are gonna

    No plain games anymore
    not some chump to be pushed around
    the time has come for the final release
    the demons inside of me are coming out
    to plaaaaaay!



    Look out my window watch the world go by
    witness to destruction, poverty, crime and lies
    hide behind the wall, protects you from the world
    stay within the boundaries and watch it all unfold

    It is us against the world
    It is us who gotta try
    It us versus the world
    Fighting day and night

    We try, they lie
    watch the world go by!


    No way out

    Taught to take it serious
    Taught that real life ain’t no joke
    Taught to take it slow
    Taught us not to provoke
    Listen to the wise men and
    Take heed of what they say
    Suffer through the ignorance
    And live to see another day

    Lets deal with some reality
    I know that life deals harsh blows
    but I refuse to follow blindly
    and eat up all the shit you feed me

    If I take you serious do I let you defeat me
    is this called growing up?
    I don’t think I want to know
    can not bear the thoughts to lose what is
    inside of me
    will I ever find a way, find a way to get


    5.1.2016 | By ludo