Insane $8-or-Less Deals From Divebomb Records’ Black Friday Sale

Divebomb Records has been my favorite label ever since I first discovered their work in 2009. I own probably 90% of their output, and when it comes to reissues, no one does it better—few can even compete. Remastered from the best possible audio sources, meticulous attention to detail, CD booklets jam-packed with visuals and information, etc. Yes, I do a fair amount of writing for Divebomb (and have since 2015), but I'm a fan first and foremost—and an enthusiastic one at that. So, this is not an ad, this is me being excited to share some of my favorite deals, because if I was still new to the label, I could—and would—easily drop a few hundred bucks on this sale, the prices are just unbelievable. Note that the sale prices are only available from the specific Black Friday page in their webstore, so be sure to purchase from that starting point.

$3 - Swift, The Worst of All Things Possible

Swift got their start on Divebomb parent label Tribunal Records back in the late-'90s. I didn't really appreciate what they were doing at the time—a metal-tinged form of modern hard rock or something, sort of in that nu/groove vein. However, this decade-plus-later reunion album for their 20th anniversary seems to offer their strongest and most mature material. This disc didn't get a ton of attention, and you really can't lose for a mere $3—especially for fans of stuff like Deftones, Chimaira, etc.

$5 - Antagonist, Damned and Cursed... to Life on Earth

This CD includes Antagonist's rare self-titled EP from 1993, plus eight live tracks and a couple of demos. Absolutely ripping technical thrash metal from Green Bay, WI. A unique balance of traditional influences, though, so the output retains melody and presents well-crafted songwriting. This band seems to have somewhat of a cult following, and I can totally see why.

$5 - Clockwork, Kill in Time

I've raved about Kill in Time more than once since its release, as it's one of my all-time favorites from the Divebomb catalog. This disc collects both obscure demos from this mid-'90s project featuring members of Coroner, Mekong Delta, etc. In the vein of Cleansing era Prong and the like, this shit absolutely rules, and to this day I'm stunned that Clockwork remains largely unheard!?

$5 - Degradation, Revelation in Blood

Another that I've highlighted in the past, here's the complete discography from this early-'90s Florida death/thrash act who tracked their lone album at the legendary Morrisound Recording. Think Sadus meets Forced Entry. The original pressing will cost you damn near $100, so why not grab this deluxe edition for just $5!?

$5 - Epitaph, Echoes Entombed: The Demo Anthology (1991-1992)

Another with ties to the mighty Morrisound, this Tampa, FL outfit featured Focus era Cynic member Tony Teegarden and dished out a similar form of technical, progressive death metal. Epitaph only recorded five tracks, but they're excellent. Had the band been able to hold it together, they likely would've reached the status of area legends like Cynic and Atheist. A reissue of these demos was long overdue when this CD finally hit the streets in 2020, so this was a big deal, in my opinion.

$5 - Fly Machine, Come Metamorphosis

Fly Machine was ex-Confessor and basically sounded like Confessor with a more palatable vocalist and an ever-so-slightly streamlined approach. There are still, however, loads of mind-bendingly mathy rhythms and the unparalleled drumming of Steve Shelton. Come Metamorphosis includes their insanely rare full-length from 1997, plus three otherwise unreleased tracks. How the fuck is this thing still in print!? Come on, people: at just $5, this thing ought to sell out this month!

$5 - Paradise Lost (U.S.), Paradise Lost

Super unique progressive rock from the late-'80s into 1990. I'd assume this release was a passion project type of thing, because so few people know who the hell this band is, and to some degree it's kind of an acquired taste. Really cool, though. Might appeal to fans of '80s Yes or something, though this is dialed back a bit and has an almost metallic edge at times. A whopping 33 tracks across two discs, and one of the thickest CD booklets I've ever seen in my life.

$5 - Skitzo, Skitzo

Both demos—one tracked with the always excellent Steve Evetts—from this New Jersey progressive thrash unit. How this band didn't get signed and wind up a cult classic right behind Toxik and Realm is beyond me. I'll never understand how so much amazing music goes so underappreciated for so long...

$5 - Subway Mirror, Subway Mirror

Self-described as "Buffalo Tom/Mega City Four with some early Smashing Pumpkins vibes," this Swedish alt.-rock obscurity features Dan fuckin' Swanö! Despite my decades-long obsession with Dan's discography, I had never even heard of this until he issued it digitally in 2019. Divebomb stepped up for a CD release last year—adding one superb bonus track. I got to interview Dan for the CD booklet, and in my opinion it's the best interview I've ever done and might be the greatest highlight of my entire life as a diehard music fanatic. A must-hear for any fan of lesser-known '90s alternative gems.

$5 - Suspiria, Psychologically Impaled

Both early-'90s demos (and seven live tracks) from this Illinois group with a brutal yet sophisticated take on technical death metal. Like area counterparts Sindrome, Suspiria went inexplicably unsigned and faded into obscurity. It seriously makes no sense. Killer stuff.

$5 - Terminus, Tomb of Infamy

I discovered Terminus through YouTube back in 2011 and flipped out over their lone full-length, Creations. Churning, mid-paced death metal that's loaded with thick, chugging rhythms; some weird, semi-technical dissonance; and a lot of unexpected twists that flirt with discordant tinges and melodic bass runs that really give the material an interesting feel. The original is hard as hell to find and fetches nearly $100, while this edition features the band's unreleased 1996 EP as a bonus.

$5 - Wrekking Machine, Mechanistic Termination

A double-CD set containing over 90 minutes of Bay Area thrash culled from one full-length and the band's four early demos. Sure, not as mind-blowing as some other selections herein, but to land this much crunchy late-'80s/early-'90s thrash for just $5...? Not bad at all!

$8 - Temporary Insanity, Final Walk

Another of my utmost favorites from the Divebomb catalog, here's the 18-song discography from painfully underrated Boston thrashers Temporary Insanity. They came close, but never got signed, so add them to the long list of incredible bands from the Boston area that never received their due. In a just world, T.I. would've landed on a label like Combat, and "Arrogant Fuck" would've been a thrash anthem near the level of "The Toxic Waltz." I'm not even kidding. So damn great.

$8 - Triphammer, Years in the Making: 1992-1995

All three demos from another Massachusetts (Brockton) metal act that should've achieved far more recognition, but remained unsigned despite interest. Not exactly "progressive," but a strong blend of melody and groove—leaning more toward the latter with each session (though not to the point of abandoning their roots). I bought a CD-R of the first two demos from the band almost 20 years ago and even that cost more than $8, so... needless to say, this much-improved—and more complete—reissue is a steal.

$8 - Tyrranicide, God Save the Scene

Hell-of-a-bargain double-CD set from these California crossover thrashers who actually started to delve a bit into lightly industrial flourishes during their angular, groove-tinged later years. Spanning roughly 1986 - 1993, you'll get the album, the demo, comp and split tracks, plus unreleased cuts intended for a never-released second full-length.


I could go on and on. Like, really. Honorable mentions from the sale—all $8 or less—include Arbitrater, Bugzy, Deadly Blessing, Deus Vult, Fatal Opera, Howe II, Inner Strength, Kenn Nardi, Kinetic Dissent, and many more. The sale could end at any point, so check it out. (And I half-apologize in advance if your wallet takes a serious beating!)