Song of the Day: Dissolve, “Spider Squadrons,” from Until the Drugs Wear Off (Maitsuba, 2020)

Longstanding upstate New York metalcore innovators Dissolve have returned once more to follow 2016's Sasquatch 7" with a new six-song, 23-minute 12", Until the Drugs Wear Off. I've oft gushed about the mastery of their lone full-length, Caveman of the Future (which you can still buy brand new for $6, mind you), and 10+ years later they've not lost a step.

If bulldozingly heavy, slightly mathy rhythms that veer toward the caustic and abrasive without getting irritating are your bag, this is the band for you, my friends. As the cover art might imply, this outing is generally a bit wilder and more diverse, too—flirting with some lightly industrial flare in the form of subtle layers of experimental noise textures and a few samples, churning tremolo picking, sludge-jazz twists, etc. "Spider Squadrons" is my personal favorite, but they're all keepers.

Vinyl is slated to ship in just over a month, but pre-order now and you'll get the full digital release immediately. Physical copies are limited to 300 (100 grey, 100 "lunar splatter" from the label only, and 100 "purple blob" from the band only), and the first 100 orders will get an exclusive pressing of the Sasquatch 7" on yellow vinyl, so... get movin'!