Disappoint, “Don't Feel Sorry,” from You've Found Peace (Self-Released, 2017)

I randomly decided to check out York, PA's Disappoint via hate5six the other day and was intrigued enough to go pore over their offerings on Bandcamp afterward. Expect catchy, well-written, well-produced, grungily fuzzed-out alt.-rock with bits of lightly shoegazey post-punk as well as a harder-hitting hardcore/punk energy—the latter of which is also present in the slightly more aggressive than anticipated vocal approach. The material actually reminds me a lot of the sorely missed Young Adults, and I'm always looking for more grittily blown-out yet emotional jams along those lines, so this is really hitting the spot for me.

They've amassed a nice little discography since last summer—all of which appears to be self-released and digital-only up to this point—and I'm equally excited by all of it. You've Found Peace in particular, though, finds the group heading in a slightly wider range of directions, including more prominent and roving bass lines and the use of some nicely-integrated samples from time to time. Definitely recommended.

I'm quite looking forward to hearing more, and hope to hold a tangible physical release from Disappoint one of these days, too!