Song of the Day: Dirty Larry, “The Alarm” (2019)

Being the Elements DEC freak that I am, I feel compelled to share that the band's frontman, Dirty Larry (a.k.a. Teyes MC), just released a gritty new hip-hop cut over the weekend that should appeal to fellow Elements DEC fans. A slightly somber, barebones beat backs a lyrical direction and flow that nod to some of the old EDEC material in more ways than one. I'm sure it's no surprise that I'm hoping this will lead to more D.L. solo material, but who knows?

Either way, dig around on that SoundCloud page, 'cause beyond a few more beats and hip-hop tracks from way back, it's an Elements DEC goldmine. I believe it's the only place you can still hear both demos in full (only scattered songs are on YouTube), and they remain some of my all-time favorite and most-played recordings. Period. You'll even find some rugged unreleased live tracks from back when the band was called Cool Out Breed, and an awesome unreleased instrumental from 2010—the result of a pseudo-reunion that heart-breakingly never really came to light.

Get streamin'!