Dephosphorus “Axiom” CD

Dephosphorus - AxiomDephosphorus formed in Greece back in 2008, and I believe "Axiom" is their first recorded output. Included are seven songs/20 minutes of what the band has dubbed "astrogrind", which to my ears basically consists of absolutely raging, top-notch grindcore that fluidly blends in elements of black metal, crust, etc. If we're playing the outlandish-yet-strangely-accurate comparisons game, imagine Catharsis circa "Samsara" practicing in the room next to Burst circa "In Coveting Ways". If you stood outside and recorded both bands practicing at the same time, the listenable elements of that recording would probably sound pretty damn close to Dephosphorus. Expect loads of blasting speed; intense tremolo picking; surging midpaced rhythms; awesome fits of dark, winding dissonance; and occasional bouts of weird, spacey effects that certainly play into the "astral" nature of the band's self-proclaimed niche. They're also working with one of the most uniquely raw recordings I've ever encountered. It's really rugged and in your face, but without coming across as grating. And despite this raw aesthetic, the end result is neither thin nor muddy, so it really adds to their overall atmosphere. This really is some powerful shit, too. It's rare that bands focusing so heavily on blistering tempos and explosive, chaotic arrangements can land on something that's both tangible and forceful, but Dephosphorus makes it look easy. Well done...

Dephosphorus "On the Verge of an Occurrence"

The EP is not available for purchase at this time, as the band is exploring options for a potential "official" release. They're already working on their debut full-length album, "Night Sky Transform", as well, so... definitely keep your eyes out for more from these guys in the near future!


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  2. i love the hell out of this ep. why somebody hasn’t picked them up yet is a mystery and a travesty.

    3.25.2011 | By Andrew Childers

  3. I hope they will release something in tangible form as this sounds very good!

    3.26.2011 | By Carlos

  4. I am actually now champing at the bit for this.

    3.28.2011 | By Jack

  5. Ditto. That track you posted is fuckin weird. Very intriguing.

    3.28.2011 | By Black Bart

  6. Good shit!  Eerie chords, nicely loud, raw drums, menacing vocals.

    4.4.2011 | By Justin


    4.5.2011 | By Jack

  8. I just listen to the well sounding vinyl testpressings of the this masterpiece!!!
    will come in a nice gatefold sleeve, lyric sheet, 12” on 45rpm black vinyl!

    preorder for 12€ (postpaid europe + world) by simply writing to


    paypal possible

    5.30.2011 | By 7Degrees

  9. This fine piece of music is finally available on a 12” record, packed into a beautiful gatefold cover with additional lyric sheet.
    get in touch, if you want a copy, or two..


    paypal possible

    6.29.2011 | By Anonymous7Degrees

  10. Download “Axiom” for free at:

    If you like it, please consider ordering the gatefold MLP and/or our t-shirt!

    7.11.2011 | By DEPHOSPHORUS

  11. support Dephospherus! great band! at least something different in the grind realm!

    read an interview by them on Blasting days :

    3.20.2012 | By blasting D