Song of the Day: Deadeffect, “Driving,” from Deadeffect (Self-Released, 2002)

Upstate NY's Deadeffect featured former members of Cutthroat ("Split Your Face," anyone?) and remains one of the most criminally underrated metalcore bands I've ever heard in my life. And that's saying something, 'cause Cutthroat was painfully overlooked, too—but at least they squeaked out two full-lengths in their day.

Deadeffect, on the other hand, released a mere six-song demo in 2002, and this track in particular remains a 10/10 on the fist-through-wall scale of complete and total rage. As far as I'm concerned, the group's simple, brutal, crushingly heavy songs with vicious, pissed off, and in your face vocals/lyrics should've had 'em right up close to the Hatebreed tier of popularity.

Instead? Doomed to obscurity.

When I first reviewed said demo in 2004, I ended with, "If they don't get signed off of this action, then all the labels out there polluting the world are dumber than I ever imagined."

Well, unfortunately, the labels were dumber than I ever imagined. I guess I'll never understand...


  1. fuckin crusher!

    5.23.2015 | By Benny